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Since she was not aware of this. She took some time to put it back. Mariappa was enjoying my boobs show.

After a few minutes, my mom came to hall and show the chain to Mariappa. Mariappa was starring at my mom’s boobs for some time and looked at chain and said. “This chain becomes too old. It is difficult to repair it. Why don’t you make a new chain”. My mom was thinking about that.

He convinced my mom to make a new chain.

My mom asked, “Do you have any catalogue for that”. Mariappa replied yes. He went to his house and get catlog and showed it to my mom.

He asked my mom to look all the things and decide. I ll come and collect it by tonight. My mom said ok and went to resume her kitchen work

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At night, Mariappa came back to our house and asked about design. My mom said “i am bit confused after looking all the designs. Do you have any suggestions?”

Mariappa and mom sat together in sofa and started to look into it. my mom likes jewels very much. so she was busy with seeing all the design. Meanwhile Mariappa sat little away from my mom and looking at mom. My mom didn’t care about anything that time.

That day my mom was in red saree. She wore flowers on head and tilak on her forehead and her mangalsutra was hanging on top her blouse. The smell coming from flower it’s well enough to induce sexual moods.

Mariappa can’t control his feelings. He was starring at my mom from top to bottom. That day my mom tied her saree below her navel. Mariappa can see her sexy waist folds from that side.

Her waist folds attracting his hands. But he tried to control. After some minutes, one mosquito bite my mom there. And my mom try to hit it but escaped.

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She moved her saree little bit and search the area where it bites. On because of that her navel was partially visible. She didn’t cover her saree properly after that.

She was exposing most of her sexy waist and navel now. Mariappa was enjoying her navel show at the same time he wants to holds her waist and suck it.

At that time my mom asked about one design. He used that chance and went near to my mom. “This is for normal lady. Not for you. You are looking so beautiful and sexy.” My mom was shocked for few seconds. Mariappa asked “what happened? am I said anything wrong?”

Mom nodded her head. He was happy and got courage. While showing modals he touched my mom’s hand frequently. My Mom didn’t say anything for that.

So he got some courage and slowly placed his fingers on my mom’s sexy waist folds. My mom pause for a while and looked at him. Immediately, he took his finger.

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My mom was started to look modals. Mariappa was happy and again he placed his fingers with so much confidence. There was no reaction from my mom.

My mom was continuing. Mariappa slowly placed his hands on my mom’s naked waist and pressed it gently. There was a little jerk on my mom’s body.

I asked my mom what happened she said nothing. Mariappa looked at her with big smile. She replied with naughty smile. Mariappa went near her ear, touched her ear lobes with his tongue and said “hey sexy lady, you are looking so hot and sexy in this saree. I want to be that mosquito.”

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