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Hi Guys, This is Manjunath from Coimbatore. I’m a regular reader of the Indian sexstories. After reading many stories I decided to post a real incident happened in my family a few years back. My dad, Bala who is working in Dubai. He comes to India once in two years. He stayed with us for a month only and go back.

My mom Parvathi is a homemaker, age 35 (when this happened).

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My mom is fair complexion, 5ft height and has long hair.

She looks like a little fatty but fats are in perfect places which make her so sexy.

She has two big melons with the size of 38. She has perfect shape navel (deep round one).

Her nipples are pink color surrounded by light brown color areolae.

She has fatty tits which make many guys mad on her while she walking. I noticed many guys starring at her tits dancing.

My mom fought with her mother in law and planned to live separately. My dad also said ok to that. My mom started to search new house. Finally we found new house which is little away from our grandma house.

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That was a newly constructed house which having four separated houses under one roof (more like rooms in a single house).

Since we were staying alone. Many guys try to impress my mom and get her to bed at least a day. But my mom never gave chances to anyone. She was so conservative. She always wears saree that too above her navel. She always takes so much care about dressing. She was going to temple every Friday and doing poojas. My mom was also famous for her poojas in our area.

She killing her time by watching serials as like other south Indian ladies. Finally we shifted to new house and got new neighbours. All were looking pretty decent except one guy who is Mariappa, age 20. Good looking, fair in color.

What we heard about him is not good. He drinks daily and fight with his mom. So nobody have good impression on him. But his mom was innocent lady. She helped my mom in all the arrangements.

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So both became friends. My mom asked about her family. She told, Mariappa’s dad died when he was 4. He is taking care of his family from the small age. He is good guy but he is having some bad habits. I asked him to stop that. But he didn’t. She was worried about his habits. My mom convinced her.

They both started to share family matters. Slowly my mom getting good impression on Mariappa.

One day my mom’s chain was broken and fell down. My mom was very much worried about that. Mariappa’s mom came that time and asked what happened?

My mom told about the chain. She laughed and said don’t worry parvathi. We can fix it. Mariappa is doing jewels work only. If you give it to him he will fix it in matter of minute.Don’t worry.

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My mom was little relax but at the same time she was having little bit of hesitation to give it to Mariappa.

His mom understood that and said “Don’t worry parvathi he ll give back to you without any loss”.

Finally my mom said ok with half minded and went inside to do some work.

Next day morning, Mariappa came to my house and enquired about chain. That was the first time both were talking with each other. My mom asked him to get inside and sat on sofa. My mom went to room to get that chain.

When I looked at Mariappa, he was starring somewhere without blinking his eyes. I also tried to find where he was seeing. I was shocked, he was starring at side view of my mom’s boobs.

My mom was bent to take something in the floor. Her saree fell down and her boobs were hanging like mangoes in tree which was clearly visible. My mom didn’t took her saree immediately.

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