Wife fucked at Audition – Part 2

This time Rohit looked desperate to make contact with my wife’s lips with his lips and he was purposefully positioning his lips whenever my wife leaned forward to kiss his forehead and when the lips contacted he was just pressing against his lips against my wife’s lips.

The encouraging pat given by the director in the morning for the stolen kiss must have emboldened him and he pulled my wife’s face to his and kissed her 4, 5 times. All along, his hands too were playing with my wife’s ass cheeks.

After 4, 5 kisses both Rohit and my wife were waiting for the director to signal cut but since nothing happened, Rohit proceeded to plant another kiss on my wife’s lips. This time he started to suck her lower lip and even gently bit it too. I could realize this as I saw a teeth bitten mark in my wife’s lower lip once he released my wife’s lips.

My wife tried to pull out but Rohit’s hands pressed hard against her ass cheeks and she could not get away from him. After Rohit had sucked my wife’s lips for about 30 seconds, the director called cut.

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This was really too much for me and I could see my wife’s face redden with anger. I simply wanted to pull my wife from that place and get out of the room but the twenty five thousand rupees in my pocket forced me to sit calm there. My wife too looked at me enquiringly and I had to plead with her with my eyes to stay there. My wife gave a resigned look and stood there.

Once again, the director patted Rohit for his good acting and he gave an appreciating hug to my wife.

“Gauhar, that scene was just great! You are going to rule the state with this tele serial. I am telling you!” Though my wife was evidently disturbed by the kissing scene, she was very happy to hear these words and she started to blush. Seeing my wife blush, the director too laughed and gently pinched her cheeks.

Pinching her cheeks, he said,“You mark my words Gauhar”.

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Again the director signaled to the touch up boy and the boy dutifully went to my wife. He again proceeded to touch up my wife’s face and neck and this time my wife herself turned and showed her back to him like a professional actress. He touched up her back and after hands went near my wife’s hips and touched up, the director started to shout…

“Hey, Shyaam, what sort of inexperienced touch up boy u have hired? He is not doing a complete job. Look, even after touching up, there are beads of sweat here!” So saying, the director pulled open Gauhar’s pallu and her Sari came in his hands. My wife’s hips were well exposed and her petticoat which was just touching her sweet navel was also seen. Her navel was wet with sweat and the director himself proceeded to wipe them off with his hand kerchief.

After wiping, he did take care to keep his plain hand on my wife’s hips and brushed his hands against her hips. My wife sighed a little but the director took his own time caressing my wife’s hips and navel with his plain hands. He even slid the sari further apart to clearly see her hips and after he did this my wife was practically without a pallu and her big breasts were protruding from her blouse.

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I must say here that my wife is really naturally gifted with big breast and it is just not possible for any bra or blouse to hold them in place. She manages this only with a well covered sari, and today without the pallu, she was almost looking like a sex bomb there.

Javed, Rohit, the touchup boy and even the highly professional Shyaam were staring at my wife’s blouse and the director’s fingers playing with my wife’s navel. Once the director completed, as if driven by force the touch up boy went near her and wiped her navel again like how the director demonstrated. My wife was too shocked to do anything and only after about a minute, it stuck upon her to put back her pallu.

The director and Javed had a private discussion which almost sounded like an argument. Finally the director announced to everybody that,
“sorry, Javed has goofed up with the camera angle. The whole scene has to be shot again! Everyone,back to the position!”

Again my wife stood in the middle of the room and Rohit came towards her eagerly. When the director had told that the scene had to be shot again itself, I saw a pleased smile in Rohit’s face and this time he really gave a passionate hug. He didn’t even wait for my wife to tell her dialogues and proceeded to kiss her straight on the lips.

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He held her face close to his and sucked her lips vigorously. My wife responded meekly to this attack and all she could do was offer her lips for sucking by Rohit. Rohit bit my wife’s lips real hard and she even gave a mild “Ah”. When it looked as if Rohit will bite up and chew off my wife’s lips altogether, the director said “cut”.

My wife appeared to be relieved. She looked thankfully at the director for saving her tender lips from Rohit. The director saw that my wife was tensed and he put a comforting arm around her shoulders. I could bet that his fingers were brushing against her breasts but after having had to face the rude & Passionate attack of Rohit, this soft gesture must have been soothing for her and she smiled at him. The director turned and shouted at Rohit..

“Hey, what’s this you are doing man? Biting lips and all that? Do just as I say! We are shooting a scene between brother & sister, mind you!”

My wife looked genuinely pleased with this support from director. I too thanked my stars that at last some sense prevailed in shooting the scene.

The director said, “Cool Gauhar, Cool!” and left. Javed also came near my wife and said that she looked so good in camera. My wife blushed. He gently patted her ass cheeks and left.

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