Slutty mom fucked by Servant

Hi everyone. I am Qasim following up from a previous story named ‘My mom the slut’. After that episode with Khan, I used to regularly go to my mom’s school and watch her have sex with different people. She was a different person all together while having sex, she turned into a slave, and men loved that, especially janitors, whom she ordered during the day but became a slut for later on after school. servant sex

However this is about her and my servant, Asif. servant sex

Asif was about 23, 5 feet 9 inches tall, dark and very strong. I was on good terms with him and used to tell him everything. He was frank and curious about sex as most villagers are. He had fucked once before, that too with a girl in the village and he used to tell me it was wonderful. He once confided in me that his dick was almost 10inches and very thick. He showed it to me once and it was indeed 10inches long and extremely thick.

I always say Asif eyeing my mother with open eyes. servant sex

My mom dressed very casually around the house. She wore old shalwar kamiz which were very see through. At home she sometimes did not wear a bra. Both Asif and me used to look at her and both wanted to fuck her. I had easy access to her under clothes and him too. I once went to call him from his room and saw him jacking off into one of my mom’s panties. When I confronted him about it he laughed and told me he found my mom very sexy.

I then told him about my mom’s true nature as a slut, and how she fucked a lot of men. He was very excited when he heard this and since that day on he openly spoke about her with me. Both of us decided that we should look at her while she takes a shower. Her room is on the second floor of our house so Asif and I would go on the roof and watch her shower through a hole I had made. It made Asif very horny and he used to touch himself openly in front of me. One day we even saw her shaving her legs, her pussy and her underarms, the sight of which drove Asif mad.

He wanted a piece of her, and I was determined to make it happen. servant sex

Asif then started casually touching my mom. servant sex

He would brush by her and touch her ass. Or he would brush his hand against her boobs while she was helping her in the kitchen. She never seemed to mind, but made his access more open by wearing sexy clothes at home without a bra. Asif used to look at her nipples which we could see clearly through her shirt. She used to bend down in front of him a lot and show him her boobs, and her intentions were clear to both of us.

It was decided between me and asif that one day I will pretend to go away and see how my mo reacts to Asif’s approaches. Asif would then try fucking her in one of my rooms so I could get a clear look as well. Just the 3 of us lived in that house so the plan sounded good. Sex stories online

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One day I told my mom I was going to my friends place and would come back late. She told me to have fun. I pretended to leave. Asif was still working inside the kitchen. She left and told Asif she was going to take her shower. I came back through the back door and went upstairs to see my mom shower. I was surprised to see her put on her black bra and panties with a see through white shalwar kamiz. Asif got very excited as he knew he would get a chance to fuck my mom now.

My cock was hard as well, but Asif had reached his full 10inches. servant sex

I was very excited as I wanted to see my mom being ravished by this huge black cock. She then came downstairs and started watching some television. It was summer, so she got very sweaty, and took off her dupatta. Now we could see her bra clearly through her shalwar kamiz. She told Asif to open the windows since it was a windy day outside and she wanted to to enjoy the breeze. This was good for me as was outside and I didn’t want to miss out on this. Asif returned to his work in the kitchen, but had one eye open on my mom.

Soon he was done with the kitchen work and came and sat next to my mom on the floor. She was watching an Indian movie and Asif started watching it with her. She said ‘Asif you look like a strong lad, why don’t you give me a massage on my feet?’ Asif said yes and he started pressing my mom’s feet. My mom looked very tired and lied down on the sofa. Asif continued pressing her feet.

She started asking Asif about his village, how many sisters and brothers he had, had he been to school, does he have a wife or not, and so on. Asif liked talking to her and soon they were laughing and talking. Asif continued pressing her feet and now moved onto her legs. As my mom didn’t stop him he continued upto her knees and onto her thighs. His strong hands then moved onto her shoulders. My mom was enjoying her massage while Asif was enjoying touching and looking at my mom’s body.

Suddenly the bell rang. servant sex

I was a bit surprised as we weren’t expecting anyone. Plus I did not want the show to be ruined by some un expected visitor. Asif got up and opened the door. It was his father who worked 3,4 houses away from ours. His father, Rashid was a huge man, just like his son. He had jet black hair, and a huge chest.

All the kids in the street are frightened of his large physique and booming voice. Asif looked very happy to see him. I was surprised at his reaction as I thought it was going to ruin his chances with my mom. Rashid followed Asif into the house and introduced him to my mom. Rasheed’s eyes bulged out at the sight of my naked mom, in her tight fitted transparent clothes with her black bra. Due to her sweat her clothes were clinging to her body and she was looking magnificent.

Asif sat down beside her and continued with the massage, and Rasheed went to the kitchen. Mom relaxed once more as Asif stared pressing her and told him if Rasheed wanted to watch TV he could come here. Rasheed came and sat down with them and started watching my mom. Asif told my mom that Rasheed gave amazing massages and he was famous all over the village for fixing people’s muscles and bones.

Rasheed encouraged Asif’s request and mom gave in to them. Soon both of them were massaging my mom. Now I understood. Asif had arranged Rasheed to come so both of them could ravish my mother at the same time. As scared as I was for my mom being taken by 2 men.

I was excited as well. servant sex

Soon they started massaging my moms thighs and arms. My mom did not protest as they raised her shalwar till her knees and continued pressing her. My mom started to moan as Rasheed’s hands found her thighs. Her hand fell to her side and unconsciously she touched Asif’s cock.

This was the green light for the 2 men who quickly took off her shalwar and kamiz. She was moaning as they still massaged her thighs and shoulders. Asif made the first move and started squeezing my mom’s boobs. Rasheed opened her legs and started kissing her pussy. She did not protest at all and started moaning loudly.