Christmas gift to my Desi Wife – Part 2

He number of times taking his hands casually towards her globes but not touching. She was doing good demo of her body to him.

He was appreciating that. I will give you key of my flat. You people enjoy there. Sam said to Priya.

Priya looked deep into his eyes erotically. She took a sip from her second peck & went close to him.

He liked it slowly put his hand on her shoulder. Priya didn’t resist instead went few inch close to him.

In the middle one small dance floor was there too.

That was very small, hardly four five couples can dance but no one was dancing.

Music was on. Situation was very romantic there.

We all were very much ready for something different. We were getting more excited.

Hey, I am going to toilet. Saying this I got up & went away. Intentionally I took much time there.

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When I came back, I found Priya & Sam was talking very erotically looking at each other’s lips.

Their lips were very close, could be a inch away. His hand tightly wrapped over her back. Priya’s one hand was on his thigh.

I sat on my seat. Priya, want to go there? I asked. She nodded her head.

But we will be scare there alone. Ok, I will get you people settled there then come back. S

am suggested. Are you sure, you will come back.

Priya whispered to him very seductively looking at his eyes. He smiled & said, let’s see.

We decided to leave. Priya put on her pull over again. Sam’s residence was nearby.

Deep too stayed beside his residence. He dropped deep & went to his house to get the key.

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We weren’t talking anything about what we were going to go. Mostly we were silent & talking some other thing.

We were waiting outside of his residence. Finally, he came with smiling face. He asked us to follow him.

We reached to highway in no time. We were very happy. It would be around 12am. Road was complete empty.

Sam was riding in front of us. I want to sit on his bike. She told me. What? I asked shockingly. What? She also asked confusingly.

Oh, I thought you said you want to sit on his dick ha ha ha. I teased her.

She too laughed & slapped my arm. I blew horn & he stopped. Priya take this over coat. I ordered her.

She went out of car. What happened? Sam asked. You are having cold so thought to help you out.

First she took out her sweater facing him & threw it inside from back window then she put on my over coat leaving all the button open.

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She sat on his bike keeping her legs in both sides. She pushed her boobs on his back completely.

His ass was definitely touching her pussy mount as her legs were wide open. Her tight skirt went up.

Priya kept her chin on his shoulder. Her lips were touching his neck, cheek. I didn’t expect that view in that mid night.

Priya wrapped his waist tightly. It seemed to me her hand was caressing his dick. We reached to his house.

It was not flat, a small farmhouse located on the highway. A big compound & a double-storey building was inside.

He unlocked the main door. I took the car inside. I came out. Sam teach me how to ride. She cried. Hey, you gone mad? I shouted. Five minutes please, please she started crying.

Finally, I agreed. She sat on it but not strong, enough to get his 150cc motorcycle down from stand

. We laughed. You help her. Sam told me. I even don’t know how to ride motorcycle. I said.

Sam was shocked but Priya assured that I don’t know really. Sam sat on her back.

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