Christmas gift to my Desi Wife – Part 2

Priya looked at his eyes turning her face & smiled. He extended his hands to hold the handles. Excuse me.

Saying this Priya eased her body & took out her overcoat & threw on my face. You bitch. I shouted. Ha ha ha.

She laughed with high sound. Her skirt went up to her crotch. Sam leaned on him completely while holding the handles.

She lifted her hips up & said, come close. She was teasing me & seducing him. That was her real intention.

His dick was tightly pressed on her ass. It had to be hard enough.

Priya again lifted her ass & Rahul pushed inside. This time she sat on his crotch.

They went far. I couldn’t see them in naked eyes in that straight road.

I waited for five minutes then immediately went inside my car drove towards that way.

After riding few km, I found their motorcycle was standing at a side.

He switched off both head light & back light.

They noticed a car was coming but didn’t expect I would be there.

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I found Priya came down from motorcycle. He was still sitting on it but at back seat.

Priya turned towards him lifted her leg to sit on his bike facing him.

Holding his shoulder, she sat on his lap & threw her head back so her hairs could get on her back.

Sam hold her waist tightly. She again lifted her both legs & spread over his thighs.

I tried to slow down but failed. I stopped beside them. Priya looked at me & said laughingly, I thought to pay his gurudakshina. Is it? Carry on. I made the situation ease for Sam.

I drove my car few meter back & parked at their back. I kept the head light on. It was chilled outside.

You pay him on his bed. I shouted taking my head out. Not bad idea. She shouted.

Sam started his bike & turned back. Priya came to his house sitting on his dick. She hugged him tightly.

A lot of times she grinded on his crotch. Finally we reached. We went inside.

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Priya was walking with him. Her hand was on his ass, waist. I was at their back. You are big.

Priya whispered & smiled taking out her all teeth. We went to first floor. Great. It was a huge hall.

Only a toilet was there inside. No more room. In one corner, one big bed covered with a deep blue sheet.

In other corner, a big size TV was there. Two big paintings were there on two wall over the bed.

One wall size mirror was there facing bed. Leather couch was in one side.

It seemed the maker of this house could be very romantic & lavish person.

One center table made of glass kept near the couch. I appreciated his room.

I sat on couch. Sam first switched on heater then TV. He gave me remote.

I found one music system was there under the rack where TV was there. This is truly romantic.

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Priya appreciated. Let’s listen to songs. Priya suggested.

He played some latest Hindi beats. We sat on couch. Sam sat beside me.

Priya pulled a chair & sat on it facing us. She didn’t remove her high heels.

I purchased one bottle of whisky from that bar. I took out that from pocket of my jacket.

Wao, saying this he went down to bring glasses & water. Do some good show for me.

I said to Priya smilingly. Sure. Bring your video cam if you want.

She said & lifted her both legs on the table towards me & crossed her legs.

We weren’t feeling any effect of drink we had in bar by then. He came back with glasses & water.

He brought a packet of chips too. Priya, do you have nightdress? He asked foolishly.

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To be continued…