From Terrace to Bed – Part 1

Welcome to the world of Indian sex stories. Sometimes events take a turn for the good especially if you have a live-in, young, recently married maid. I am, Vijay, a lone child, 19 years of age and studying in my final of college

We lived in Pune, in the entire top floor apartment of a building, where most of the flats were unoccupied, except for two ground floor flats. They were occupied on rent, by an Air Hostess and a Banker, who were more at work then at home. My father is an Engineer and is posted in the Middle East, since the last many years. My family consisted of my mother, around 38 years, who worked as a Manager for a firm and our live in maid Sunita, who had been with us since she was a child.

Sunita came from a very poor family, who was happy to keep her with us, where she could get security, two square meals a day and a roof over her head. My mother left for work in the morning and returned only in the evening. I had my classes in the morning and returned for lunch. In the evening I went to play with my friends. Sunita would cook and maintain the house. She had the freedom to enter any of our rooms at any time. She was very clean and neat in her work as well as her hygiene. She was very open with us and whenever the chance came, shared a laugh with us.

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About two months ago, on her completing 18 years of age, she had been called to her village, where she was married off to a boy from their village who had no family and was working abroad as a helper. In fact we had gone to her wedding which was a simple affair. My mother had presented her with a gold necklace and many other house-hold gifts, she being almost part of our family.

After staying for One month, the groom had to go back to his work abroad and would be back only after a year or two. He had been very polite is asking my mother, if Sunita could continue to be with us, as he could not take her abroad with him. My mother had agreed whole-heartedly. So there was Sunita, back to our apartment.

Sunita was tall at 5.4 ft, but had a very slim, – almost a fragile figure. She was just a little shorter than me. She had long black, plaited hair which reached to her tiny buttocks. She took very special care and maintained them beautifully. Her skin was flawless but lightly tanned. Her breasts were small, almost zero, like that of a 16 year old girl. Till very recently, I had noticed that Sunita did not wear any brassiere; at times I could see the nipples poking erect out of her gown or salwar top.

Sometimes she wore my old shirts given to her by my mom. Many times I had glimpsed her tiny cute mounds, as she bent to sweep in our apartment and recently this sight had always given me a hard-on. But coming from a semi-orthodox family, I had to watch and be content, and shake it off in the bathroom.

Sunita had just entered adulthood at 18 years of age when she immediately tasted the unhindered and unlimited joys of sex. When she returned from her home, I could make out a glow on her face. However, after a few days of separation from her groom, the glow had died down and she had become very sad and quiet. It was as though she missed her husband dearly. I was now sure that he must have kept her busy during the nights that followed and that she was missing that marital joy. My mother was always counselling her. She too must have gone through such a period in her life and understood Sunita’s plight. After some time life became a routine.

A few days had passed and I had to leave immediately to return to college for a meeting in the afternoon. I came home and told Sunita that I had to leave and may be late to return. She served me the lunch and after eating I left at around 1.30PM. She closed the door behind me.

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My college was just about 2 kms away. My friend came to pick me up on a bike, down the road. That day, due to another event happening in college, our meeting got over within half an hour. My friend dropped me home. I had the key of our apartment and I let myself in without calling out to Sunita or ringing the bell.

Our house is actually two apartments joined together and is very spacious. I did not find any activity in the house. I went to my room changed into loose shorts and I do not know why but I did not wear my underwear.

I looked around but Sunita was not to be seen. I checked all the rooms. The curiosity got the better of me. I went in the room that was allotted to Sunita and rummaged her clothes. She had her dresses folded and kept in a nice pile. I looked around for her panties and brassieres, which have always been my fantasy. I found them in one of the drawer. I held them to my nose and got a pungent, erotic smell of Sunita. My penis was erect within no time. I rubbed her stained panties on my penis over my pant. I almost came. I held her brassieres to me to check out her size. These cotton bras were only for namesake. Beside other trinkets, there was a recently opened Sanitary napkin packet. This gave me a fair idea that she was having her periods.

I was most surprised when I came across a packet of Kohinoor Condoms, kept well hidden in her clothes. I now knew that she must have used them during her fucking sessions, and saved this packet as a souvenir. I picked one condom out of the strip and put it in my pocket, hoping that she would not notice.

But where was Sunita? She was not known to mix around with anyone in the neighbourhood. I was puzzled and at the same time scared that she was missing. I decided to check around. I again checked all the rooms and then I thought of checking the terrace, as she could have gone there to dry the clothes. Since we were the only occupants here, we had tied ropes along the terrace and dried our clothes there. There were no other high rise buildings nearby and our terrace was totally hidden from view of any pesky neighbours. It had two sides and the door opened in the middle.

I tiptoed up to the terrace. I slowly peeked to one side, but Sunita was not there. I went to the other side and slowly peeked and what I saw was amazing. There was Sunita; seated in a corner with her back to the wall, her salwar drawn up and her slim legs wide open. Her pyjamas & panties were lying nearby and she had her hand busily stroking her pussy, masturbating herself furiously. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed. She did not hear me coming neither was in a frame to hear me.

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I realized that her animal urge must have got the better of her and what better place to vent it. I now decided to turn this event to my favour. I slowly walked towards her and sat down besides her. She still did realize my presence. I noticed that she had our chappati Wooden Rolling Pin in her hand and which had replaced her missing penis. I slowly reached out my hand with the intention to surprise her and touch her wet pussy and hold on to her substitute penis.

I put my hand on her pussy and she opened her eyes in shock top find me staring at her. Her reflex action was to shut her legs together. This action gripped my hand between her legs and firmly around her hands holding the Rolling Pin. Her expression was that of a trapped pigeon. No words came out of her mouth. I kept on staring at her and her eyes were wide with fear. Though she held her thighs clenched tightly I slowly continued pistoning her with the rolling pin. She was at the beginning of a powerful orgasm and she started shuddering. My fingers were suddenly bathed in her juices, mixed with her periodic flow.

Somehow she beseeched me in whispers “Pleaseee, don’t tell mumma”. She again closed her eyes as another shudder passed over her body. She was sweating with all this erotic exercise. I assured her by coming close to her mouth and telling her that I understood and that this was our secret. But I did not kiss her. She was visibly relaxed.

I started moving the pin in & out of her well oiled hole and suddenly I removed it out. Her thighs too opened up. I could now see that her inner thighs well creamed and slimy. She had a jet black growth of pubic hair and her pink vaginal lips were like a cherry on an ice cream. I slowly let go of the pin and slid two fingers into her pussy. Sunita started to open her thighs.

I then removed my fingers from her pussy and stood up. I picked up her panty and wiped my fingers on them and put them in my pocket. She was confused as to why I had gotten up. I saw her with her thighs slightly open. She did not know what to expect next.

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No words were spoken. I extended my hand to her and Sunita slowly raised her hand to mine. I pulled her up and her salwar top dropped covering her nakedness. I did not give her time and placed my lips squarely on hers. For her this was a new experience and she got suffocated. I let go of her. I then removed the panties from my pocket and bent down. I held her leg and slid the panty on one leg and then on the other. Till now no words were exchanged. She was unaware as to what to expect or what my silence was all about, she did not utter anything. I knew that she was scared. I picked up her pyjama and stood up. She looked very scared.

I put my hand around her thin waist and motioned her towards the terrace door. She weakly walked in slow, hesitating steps. Her eyes looked at the floor. As we came down the stairs, I pushed her to the wall and held her face in my hands.

“Suni (that’s what we called her), we know you are missing your husband. Why do you have to come to the terrace? You could have used my bedroom. Don’t you know that my bed can be your bed too?” I tried to get my message across to her confused mind.

“Bu…., But ……?” she stuttered.

I pressed close to her as she looked beseechingly into my eyes. As I came close to her lips, she closed her eyes in anticipation. I lightly brushed my lips against her lips. She did not respond. I kissed her eyes and moved towards her ears and nibbled her ear lobes. Her breath had quickened and chest was rising and falling rapidly.

“Suni, if you want I can put an end to your yearning and take the place of your husband?” I whispered into her ears as I pressed my chest into her tiny breasts.

The nipples were stiff and I could feel them denting my chest.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with shock.

“But how can that be, Vijay? I am already married to him.” She said.

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By now I had snaked my hand to her breast over her salwar and squeezed. I was surprised that though they looked small, I had my entire palm around her left boob. I squeezed. She moaned and again closed her eyes. I them bent down and lifted her in my arms.

“What are you doing Vijay? You know I am married. We can’t do this!” she implored. To prevent herself from falling, her arms were around my neck as she cradled in my arms. Her head lay against my chest, which is quite broad. I started walking to our apartment down the steps. I put her down to open the door, still holding her by the waist. She tried to wriggle out, but I held her tight to me.

“Somebody may come.” She implored.

“Suni, you know that nobody comes here. Mumma will return only after 6PM. Why don’t we talk inside?” I proposed.

I pushed open the door and with her still scooped her in my arms, I was about to enter the apartment, when I stopped. She was startled and looked up at me.

“Pleeeeaasse, Vijay, put me down.” Her voice had mellowed to a cooing.

I then whispered into her ears. “Suni, in foreign countries, the husband usually carries his bride over the thresh hold of the house.” Saying so, I walked into our house. For a minute or so she did not understand; then she blushed. It was a beautiful smile that spread across her face. I realized how beautiful she was. I pushed shut the door with my feet.

Her arms tightened around my neck and her head dug into my chest. I realized that I had broken down the first barrier. Now for the next step; I went straight to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. She lay there but sat up straight holding her knees to her bosom. I sat in front of her and moved my hands over her hair; a strand of hair had streaked across her face and stuck to her with her sweat. I moved it behind her ear with my finger.

“Suni, you did not answer my question. Can I fill up yours husbands absence?”

She blushed and hid her face between her knees. I caressed her knees, and her thighs.

“Suni, come on I know that you are missing the sex and the fucking. It’s but natural. You must have had a very good time with him. Was he a good fucker?” I tried to prod her.

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“Vijay, what are you talking? No one talks about such things openly in public.” She retorted.

“”So you consider me public then, huh? Fine, I will not touch you. I am sorry what happened up there.” I got up from the bed, feigning anger, as if to leave, “… and I promise you that I will not tell mumma about what I saw earlier. That’s a promise. You can continue with the rolling pin.”

She saw me getting up and held me by my hand, “Sorry Vijay, I did not mean to hurt you. I like you, but…..” Before she could complete her sentence I bent down and kissed her, This time her hands went around my neck on her own and she tried to return the kiss. I broke the kiss. She was confused.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“Suni, since we both want to do this, why not do it in style.” I proposed.

“What do you mean style?” She queried.

“See, mumma will come only at 6PM. Now it is only 3PM. We have lots of time. I carried you over the threshold; you are on my bed; we are going to do the same thing what married people do; so why don’t you dress up in the same dress that you wore on your wedding night? And don’t forget the black bra and your dotted panty!” I said.

She was shocked. “How did you know about my bra & panty?”

“Well, I do my homework properly. I think you have kept them in a nice set.”

“Viju, you went through my clothes? Why? I hope you did not go through everything?” she was surprised.

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the Kohinoor Condom. “Is this what you were asking about?”

She blushed and said “ooohh my, you are so naughty Viju. Now I have to go and dress.”

I held out my hand and helped her to get down. As she stood, I crushed her into me. This time she too held me tightly.

“Don’t take the same time that you took on your wedding day. Come soon.” I reminded her.

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She too was excited and hurried to her room, while I decided to put on an under-wear which I had missed earlier. I sprayed deodorant at all vital places.

I waited on the bed desperate for her arrival. Even after 15 minutes she had not come. She must be taking her time to dress up. I got up to go and see. Hardly had I reached the seating room, the door bell rang. I froze. I was almost in panic. Who could it be at this time? I was sure that Sunita also had heard the bell.

I calmed myself. And peeped through the keyhole; I got the shock of my life. There was my mom standing outside. Luckily she had rung the bell and not used her key. I ran in my room and put on a T-Shirt and opened a few books on my table. Then I slowly reached the door and opened it.

“Hey, how come you are home? Were you not supposed to have a meeting till late or something today?” the tone that she asked me seemed a little laced with disappointment; but I was not sure. “And where is Sunita. Why has she not opened the door?”

“I don’t know. I was studying inside. She must be in her room or in the bathroom.” I replied covering up for her.

She entered the apartment and went to her room. She kept her bag and came out. She was around 44 years of age and I noticed now that she had a wonderful figure. Her breasts were round and stiff, well packed in her bra. She was tall, like me and had a fair skin colour. Today she was wearing a low neck dark coloured, tight fitting, salwar with front buttons, which high-lighted her beauty. I was surprised that I had never noticed her beauty earlier.

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As I have said earlier our apartment is actually two apartments which have been joined together. While my bedroom was in one wing, the opposite of my room was my parents’ room, where my mom used to sleep now. Both had attached bathroom & toilet. Sunita’s room was in the other wing, which was on the other side of the stairs, but accessible from inside. The kitchen and dining were on that side too.