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Fucking Friend’s hot wife

I was getting tired of driving. We had started early in the morning and it was now getting dark outside. Roy and Diana were in the back asleep and Nidhi was conked out against the window. I was getting punch drunk at the wheel and decided it was time to call it quits. I turned […]

Indian Maid

Hello fellas! Welcome to the world of Maid Servant sex stories & Literotica. I live with my parents and, since all of us work we needed a maid to take care of the house etc. So we got down to hiring one from INDIA. Her name was Sheila, she was educated and could speak very […]

Fucking Mom and Maid

Hello everyone, I am Sahil. I am a 20 year old guy living a well off life in Ahmedabad, Western India. I live with my parents, my dad – Arun and my mom Ami. Being a well off family we have a maid Parvati aged 31. Desibahu.com – home of Indian sex stories – Hindi […]

नौकर की बीवी चोदी उसके सुहागरात पर

एक और मज़ेदार और लंड खड़ा कर देनेवाली कहानी पढ़िए – नौकर की बीवी चोदी उसके सुहागरात पर – Hindi Sex stories मेरा नाम जगजीत सिंह है। पंजाब के मालवा इलाके का जमींदार। जमीन बहुत है, बहुत से नौकर-चाकर खेतों में और हवेली में काम करते हैं। सेक्स करने के लिए एक से एक छोकरी, […]