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I started to shake it and he started to shake mine while we are busy watching Ajay’s acts on my poor mom’s ass.

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It became so power was gone.

So there were no street lights.

Our bus is an old KSRTC bus so there is no light in it either.

This blurred our vision a little. But Ajay’s face spirited up with excitement.

Ajay now became very close to her privacy now lifted her saree with his legs.

He took the tip of her Saree and further lifted it till her thighs .

This time mom reacted, she said to him in low voice…” you are crossing limits. Stop it. Else I’ll complaint police”.

But there was no confidence or guts in her voice…

He never minded her reaction.

He lifted her saree from thighs giving us a clear display of her milky legs.

He got his hands and tries to lower it but there is no use.

He is well built and strong .

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My poor mom doesn’t even get a chance to resist.

He raised her saree till her upper thighs and inserted his hands inside her saree.

“Ohh no..Take out your hands…don’t touch there…. uhh please….get away from me…I’ll shout.”Mom began to plead at him.

Mom was struggling to get away from his ‘clutches’.

We can’t see his hands but can see bulging and movement of his hands inside her saree.

He moved his hand upward can see his hands through her saree playing with her buns.

He then slowly withdrew his hand downwards and I was shocked to see her pantie with his hand.

He was lowering her panties till it reaches her upper thigh.

Mom was looking here and there much tensed.

I can hear mom murmuring something but was very feeble and tense.

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He then curiously raised mom’s saree to take a glance on my mom’s fleshy pair of butt cheeks.

His eyes protruded out when he saw her fleshy white bun cheeks.

My heart beat was accelerating by the sight of a stranger shuffling my mom’s butts.

Mom was yelling at him “leave me, leave me alone.”

She was now trying her max to free from his clutches over her ass but feeble resistance never stood a change against his powerful hands.

He began to play with her ass.

He was experimenting on those precious treasures which is got trapped in his hands.

“Leave me please. Don’t do this to me “mom pleaded.

“ Malathi..I was lusting for your ass ever since I was admitted in your school….Now it’s my time.cooperate with me. It’ll only take 5 more mins.”He replied.

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Saying this he began to part my poor mom’s ass cheeks. I heard feeble moan of mom “ahh..”

“No stop it. Please what are you going to do with it”

“your ass is making me mad bitch” he said.

She realized that there will be no escape from his clutches.
He then began to pinch her ass.

Uhhh…uhh…no…It’s….making me hurt…..Pls…I’m married.Its only for my husband. ouuhhhhhh”; she was pleading him to leave.

For every pinch she closed her eyes and was pleading to stop.

I hoped she may react at this point.but it was too late for her to react.

To be continued…