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Mom never had the guts to react so she tries to move away from him but the bus is so thickly packed so there is no inch to move.

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She can’t even look back due to the crowd in bus. He was really taking advantage of the situation.

He was now molesting her ass more intensively. Moms face was getting reddened.

But poor mom was helpless.

I was watching this whole thing .but I was very embarrassed to react.

It will be too embarrassing for mom too.

My only relief is that mom doesn’t know I am watching her.

He now realized that mom is not reactive and doesn’t have the guts to react so he continued kneading her buns without any worry.

He was now fondling mom’s ass like mom is his wife.

He became very free with her buttocks.

After enjoying mom’s buttocks by his hands he further proceeds placing his hips close to her ass.

He stick his hips to mom ass and started to hump her slowly.

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Mom was highly irritated by this act.

For the first time I am seeing what is humping.

My heart beat is going upper as my bully is humping my mother’s ass…but if I react he will beat me to pulp.

He increased his pace and was rubbing against her apple bottoms.

My dick already got erected.and suddenly I feel a push in my thighs.

Something was pushing and rising below my thigh.

I soon realized it was my cousin’s dick. He was also enjoying the scene of mom abused by some other.

I looked at him and he smiled at me.

He placed his hand on my cock and he smiled at me when he known my cock is erect.

He whispered that “Hey, don’t feel guilty about it. It is usual thing in buses; I have seen many women’s butts getting molested in crowded buses, now it’s your mom’s ass. Dont worry he’ll leave her soon. Now let’s enjoy the scene.”

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I was very embarrassed.

I looked down and cousin said”Hey don’t worry. It’s a usual thing. It is not about your mom look how Ajay is humping and fondling those plums. Look how her butts are swaying while he humps. It’s not your mom’s mistake. I have also witnessed my mother’s ass humped by others and I really enjoyed it.”

Saying this he began to press his manhood against my thighs watching my mom struggling to get away from Ajay’s humping.

Ajay became very free with my mom.

The passenger besides us got away and I sat in his place freeing cousin’s lap.

Cousin placed his bag over his lap and me too.

Then he placed my hand in his private area.

Nobody can see this bcoz bag is placed over his lap. He took out his erect cock from his zip and told me to shake it.