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I am Madhur and I married to a very beautiful girl Jhanvi, who is very cooperative and submissive in the bed and open for variations in our sex life. I am going to narrate a hot Indian wife swapping experience that we had lately.

Our sex life is fantastic and we are loving and caring couple with very good understanding for each other.

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Although I have few premarital and extramarital affairs and I feel myself very lucky to avail the opportunities arrived.

indian wife swapping sex story on desibahu.comI am a peeping tom and enjoyed my sex life by seeing nudity and live sex of others through secret places, which was most enjoyable.

Besides this I also enjoy reading sex stories and I get aroused and excited which prompts me to masturbate with full passions.

I don’t mind if any one watches us doing sex secretly for that reason I enjoy sex with my wife with the lights on and curtains off.

Although she does not have any premarital and extramarital sex experience, but she is very hot and horny besides get excited easily and starts demanding with her legs raised for excessive orgasm.

Although I have a very good friend circle and one of them is of my choice and fulfills all the qualities of a hunk, but she is reluctant to lie down with known person.

It took long time to bring her on line and come forward willingly for the extramarital affair with Surjit.

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I started to please her with expensive gifts, taking her for outings,encouraging her to wear sexy dresses and reveal her nudity, Making her to drink, read porn stories and see blue films for women.

All these things added fuel to fire and I succeeded to bring her hidden sex desires to surface one by one. One fine night when she was in very good mood, we started drinking and discussing sex.

I narrated my fantasy about her and succeed to arouse her passions, and then I proposed her for fulfilling my desire to see her enjoying sex with Surjit in front of me.

Initially she hesitated and tried to evade, but finally agreed when I convinced her and insisted for a change and variations.

She confessed that after seeing various male organs in the porno movies for women and reading sex stories on Internet, she was getting horny and her cunt started demanding big cocks.

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She agreed willingly and told me that let the opportunity arise and she will act freely accordingly to make it an event.

we started to find out suitable hunk for her on Internet.

There were lots of options available and we could find a very interested and like-minded couple with good experience. We discussed every thing and exchanged our views frankly.

We also purchase web cam to see each other and show nudity.

We were very much impressed, but finally we came to know that the couple is from Nepal and our union could not materialize.

We were not discouraged and found many interested in our proposal and exchanged few mails with selected strong and sexy hunks.

My wife was impressed with one of the people who were having good personality of he-man and big cock of her choice& he probed most suitable stud to satisfy her.

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