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What I saw was most amazing that I don’t know whether due to nervousness or she was getting aroused that I saw her nipples gradually becoming big and protruding out and becoming erect.

Then I saw her big deep navel in which soap was inside.

Then my eyes went to madam’s genital area.. desi rape stories

Oohhh!! It was clean shaved,it was shinning,only a thin long cut in a triangle,it was just like a genital of a 14 year old girl.

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She was indeed a sex goddess.

OOhh! I suddenly felt a cold patch in front of my penis tip at my pant, I realized that I was having pre-cum shooting.

I had seen so many nude women in my life, pictures, so many at red light areas, but none I could ever imagine that only by looking at a figure one can have pre-cums.

A long dreamed sex goddess,a ripe sexy voluptuous full jawani of 26 years was standing in front of me totally nude.

It was then madam came to the senses after two minutes and she murmured “go out from here driver.” I said I needed an important sign that boss has sent to fetch.

She said first go out from here.

I went out of her bathroom and waited for her in her bedroom.

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She shut the bathroom door behind me. desi rape stories

I suddenly saw that on madam’s bed madam’s cloths were lying.

My dick further flickered by the very thought that madam didn’t had any dress inside bathroom and if she has to come out to sign she has to come in a provocative manner.

Just as I was thinking so madam ,the most conservative housewife came out in front of her driver servant by wrapping only a towel, which was hardly covering her busts and hairy indian pussy.

She was drenched,nice smell of soap was there on her body, and the towel was a short towel that was tied lower to her big busts and barely came down to her triangle.

The towel had stuck to her figure due to wetness.

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Her big flabby milky thighs with water droplets on them was just making me crazy.

My cock was no paining in my zippers.

She came out,took the file from my hand and kept on signing pages.what further astonished me was that turning pages to sign.

She was stealing glances at my pant.

It was then I realized that my 10″ shaft was totally erect and was creating a great bulge from beneath my pant.

She somehow signed the pages and gave it to me.I took them and went out.

All through the while she didn’t look at me.

But before I left the house.

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To be continued…

Disclaimer – this story is purely a work of fiction and we don’t support rape / forced sex in any way. Viewer discretion is advised.