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I am a housewife living with my husband and my three years old daughter in a city of kerala. I am an average looking Desi housewife having brownish skin with large boobs and big round ass. My hubby is a tall man of dark complexion with a great appetite for sex.

Actually, this posting is one kind of confession for us. I am of 35 years now and my hubby is at 40.

I got married when i was 23 with my hubby. He is an engineer and was in a central government organization at the time of our marriage.

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Since one yr after our marriage we tried for an issue but i didn’t got pregnant till four years back. We went to many doctors but almost all of them told that my hubby had lesser amount of sperm count and possibility of him to become a father is very less however, not impossible.

We tried many times and not used any condoms since then but not succeeded to conceive. We were very much frustrated for not having a kid of our own.

However, let me come back to the fact now. Four years ago, in the winter time we went to himachal for a tour.

We planned our tour to khajhier from shimla by some hired car. We hired a blue indica for the purpose. The driver was a local young man.

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We thought that we will be able to reach khajhier by evening but the driver told that that was impossible to reach there in one day.

When we mentioned about the distance and asked him that he should drive the distance in 6-7 hours.

He mentioned that we were thinking in terms plain land travel but that was hill road traveling and he can take us to khajhier only next day evening.

When we asked him about the possible places of our night halt in the way he told us not to worry about that as he will manage for us in some hotel at jwalamukhi.

Accordingly i and my husband started on the day at 7.00 am from shimla in the hired car. The natural beauty on the road was fantastic and we were enjoying it very much.

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During the journey we were also talking with our driver. We were very much astonished to know that he was a bright scholar and had his masters from delhi school of economics and also got a very good job in delhi.

We asked him the reason for his working as driver. He told us actually he likes liberty most and that was also his own car. Moreover, he likes to travel also so he had chosen the profession by his own.

He also mentioned that he only takes good literate family members as his passengers. However, we got very much familiar with him within an hour.

It is worthwhile to mention that our driver had very much similar figure with that of my hubby.

In fact if not known earlier, anyone may think that they are two brothers.

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