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We came to know from him that his wife stays with his parents in one small city of himachal along with their two children.

Time was passing by and we were moving with standard speed and enjoying our journey.

Suddenly at about 3.00 p.m. in one point we got some police men on the road who stopped our car and told us to go back as there was a severe accident within one km due to rash driving of a truck and three school children died in the accident.

The local public blocked the road to jwalamukhi. We were very much panicked as we can not go back to shimla at that time.

Our driver went down from the car and had some chat with those policemen and then came back to our car.

He mentioned that the only way we can take is a branch road to dalhousie which we left back about one hour ago.

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But the road was not in very good condition and we have to stay in a small town which will take at least three hours journey to reach there from the staring point of the branch road.

More over the town only have a small hotel that also was not very good.

He (our driver) felt very sorry for us. However, we also have no alternate way except the way mentioned by the driver as we don’t know any other way out.

So we started for the small town at about 3-30 p.m. and took the branch road at about 4-30 p.m. the branch road was very narrow and also have very steep gradient so he was driving very slowly.

Moreover, a little bit later sunlight also went off at evening.

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The car was moving along a narrow road in a dark forest and we got very much scared.

However, we reached the small town at 8.00 p.m. there was nobody outside there as that was winter time in that small hilly town.

Our car stopped at the entrance and our driver told us to wait inside and went for a room enquiry.

He came back just two minutes later and told us that all the rooms were full and only a three bedded room was empty but that can be given to a family.

We were in a very bad situation as we neither could go to any other places nor did we have a room to stay.

We were very much worry about how our problem can be solved.

Suddenly one idea stroked in my mind and i asked the driver whether he mentioned us as tourists to the hotel men or not.

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He told that he did not mention about that.

Then i told both of them that we must get that room.

They both asked me how?

I again told that they look like own brothers and so why not he (our driver) go to tell a lie to the hotel men that he was accompanied by his brother and sister in law and get the room.

The driver expressed a feeble disagree by mentioning that it will be very much problematic with us to stay with him in a single room.

But my hubby told him that we have no other alternative but to do accordingly what i mentioned.

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