Fucking my hot Mother in Law

That night I fucked my wife imagining my mil. Now I was dying to lay my hands on her, next day morning after we all had our breakfast, my fil was busy reading papers and my mil was in kitchen and my wife had gone for a bath,

I slowly went to kitchen with reason of having water and told my mil. Darling I am alone upstairs come quickly as Meenu has gone for a shower my mil took a broom and came up behind me pretending that she is came to clean our room, now we were alone on first floor.

I hugged my her very tightly first and so did she, then I kept moving my hands all over her back and slowly made my way towards her ass, wow what a pair of soft big bums, I took both of them in my hands and pressed them hard,

She gave soft moan “uummmhh” and started kissing me all over my face, neck, ears, shoulders then she inserted her tongue in my mouth and I responded by sucking it ,my dick started hardening and touch her navel.

Then I removed my shorts and gave my tool in her hand and told her to taste my manhood.

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She was amazed to see my hard and long penis and started moving her hands on my shaft, I was touching her every part over her nylon gown squeezing her boobs round and round massaging them with both my hands..

And she was mourning heavily with pleasure like “aaahh….aaahhh…huuuu” were making me crazy , man…

I was feeling like in heaven. I made her to bend on knees and suck, she hesitated It’s so lovely hard rock I would love to swallow it but not now, someone may catch us here”, but I told her forcefully you will have to suck it hard right now or else I will be forced to rape fuck you right here, I cannot control my desires for a minute also..

On hearing this she readily took my penis completely in her mouth and she started playing with my balls and started sucking my penis from top to bottom,

I was aroused n started mourning slowly and told her eat my whole lund my jaanu…. I love u, she rolled her tongue over my asset and warmth of her mouth started pouring my pre cum, she moved my foreskin up and down and licked the tip of my penis.

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I was getting mad I hold her hairs and pushed her mouth against my dick. After 5 mins we heard my wife coming upstairs and we got apart she took broom and stated cleaning the floor and I went to balcony.

As if nothing had happened

Then in evening I was reading a novel, my wife came and asked me to join her to nearby temple I said I want to finish reading this today go with your mom and she approached my mil, on hearing I am not going she also said her that ‘I am cooking dinner you go with your dad then both of them left for temple.

I jumped from my chair and reached in kitchen where my mil was preparing meals, I grabbed her from behind placed my dick in her soft ass creak, inserted my left hands inside pallu of her saree and hold her left boobs over her blouse..

I guided my right hand towards her pussy over her saree, fuck she turned on within few second and mourned ““aaaaahhh….aaaahh”, I started massaging her boobs roughly and playing with her cunt, her pussy was all wet as I could feel the wetness in my fingers..

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I was kissing on her shoulders, neck and cheeks from behind, slowly she started moving her ass against my lund and needless to say that my cobra was all alive in action and I jerked in to her ass. I licked her earlobe and whispered in her ear,

“Jaanu you are so sexy, and so maintained, your addictive boobs drive me crazy I want to suck and fuck them”, “I waana fill your all holes” I was getting wild. she said You are the real man as, I have never saw a penis so hard and long as yours. I said, ‘Sweetheart I am not satisfied in such quickies, I need a whole long session don’t you feel same, she said “Even I can’t control baby, even my pussy is waiting for your dick to rule over her, but its very risky here as everyone is at home.”

To be continued…