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I sat on a sofa which is viewable from kitchen in such a manner that my small balls and huge shaft were visible to her from sleeves of shorts and I started watching tv .

I was looking to my mil also simultaneously and found her trying to peep in my shorts twice. That made it clear that my mil is equally thirsty but shy to express her feelings. That day just passed on leaving me to think the ways to fuck my darling mil (Nisha) .

Next day we planned for a picnic to a famous fort in the district. It was a very tiring day as the fort was very big it took us 4 hrs to see full fort our legs were paining very badly.

As we got late there we missed the last bus for our home so had to take a lift in others sumo. We settled in back portion of sumo where seats are parallel, while sitting in sumo I used the trick as sat opposite to my mil, my wife sat next to me and opposite to my fil.

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I knew I have a chance and dint wanted to let it go. As the vehicle started my wife slept on my shoulders, as we were tired my fil and mil also slept on their seat. It was dark and nothing was visible, my knees began touching to those of my mil’s.

As the car was moving our bodies were also moving inside, I slowly placed my left leg between mil’s both legs as the car moved I slowly started moving my leg deeper between my mils thighs.

This was first time I was feeling my mils luscious thighs, sometimes I used to keep my palm on knee of my legs so that I could feel her flesh.

But I was afraid that someone might wake up or how would my mil react if she gets up. I saw mil she was sleeping, I could not dare to do more and ejected my leg.

Then I started looking at her boobs as her pallu was flying away from her boobs due to breeze coming from window I wanted to suck her milk machine but couldn’t, some 10 mins passed and I felt some warmth around my knees I saw it was my mil’s thighs she sandwiched my left leg between her and had also came little ahead towards me now my knees reached her thighs..

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This movement was enough for me to understand that she was awake and is pretending to sleep, I immediately responded her by touching her knee by my fingers keeping my palm on my knee. Slowly I stared running my hands all over her thighs above her saree, her thighs were so soft like cotton and I liked rubbing them.

I was so aroused that my rod wanted to come out of his cage due to pain, and I wanted her to suck my dick but that was not possible, I had lost my conscious in her love caressed her thighs over saree,

I tried to touch her cunt but could not reach her love point coz my hand dint reached there and I could not bend as my wife was lying on my solders, my lund was becoming desperate and pre cum started flowing.

Images of her silky smooth legs kept flashing in my eyes so I removed my sandals and started brushing her ankle with my toe she kept enjoying with her eyes shut and smile on her face.

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Then I gently moved my toe up toward her bare calf inside her saree and she immediately moved her legs away, I grabbed her calf again and this time locked it between my other leg so that she couldn’t move,

She tried to resisted but failed now I started raising my toe towards her thighs and tried to spread her legs to feel her love triangle but she joined both her legs forcefully and opened her eyes and indicated me to stop through actions as someone would wake up.

Then we started talking in actions, I told her she was very beautiful and gave her a flying kiss, she became shy and looked down with broad smile on her face, then I told her to kiss me she initially refused but when I made sad face she kissed looking at me.

I also told her that I was crazy of her melons and wanted to touch them, she said not now, then we talked like that for some time till we reached home and while getting out of car I purposely touched her ass crack with my fingers, she got panic and ran inside home.

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