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” I would be the luckiest one to be a husband of my Memsaheb, but how can I deprive my son’s love, yes, my son Ramu loves you more than me, please Memsaheb if you don’t mind, please marry my son and be my sweet bouma “, Kalu disclosed the mystery of his unwillingness to marry her.

” But your son is too young to marry me “, Locketdebi said surprisingly.
” Yes Memsaheb, Ramu may be a teenager, but his cock is larger than me, I’m sure you will enjoy it more “, saying this Kalu led them to Ramu’s room where the teenage boy-servant was jacking with a soiled panty of Locketdebi.

Sniffing the pungent smell of his favourite film-heroine’s pussy-juice mixed with urine, Ramu was jacking his cock furiously. Looking at Ramu’s snake-like huge black dick, 11 inch long & 5 inch in girth , Locketdebi became amaze .

Yes , it’s her long-cherished cock for which she was dreaming for more than 28 yrs.which was greater than his father Kalu Saren. Noel was also surprised to observe the huge cock of their teenage boy-servant and Koel’s pussy began to itch.

Suddenly noticing his memsaheb at the doorway with his father, dadababu, didimani and being caught red-handed, Frightened Ramu swiftly came to his Memsaheb, fell down on her feet and gripping her legs he began to cry, ” I can’t repeat it in future , please forgive me, ”

With a sly smile, clutching his soldiers, Locketdebi made him stand and said, ” Not on my feet, from now on your actual place is here”, Pulling him in her chest, top Bengalee mature actress Smt.Locket Banerjee embraced her tennage adibasi boy-servant, began to kiss him madly,gripped the hot black rod of Ramu and began to squeeze it which perplexed Ramu very much.

Clearing all the doubts to Ramu, Koel said to her Sasurima, ” Now leave him, we have to arrange for the marriage “, shying Locketdebi released her future husband & his huge cock and went to her room happily. She was very much pleased to get a teenage boy as her husband in this mature age.

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Noticing his mother’s happiness, Noel also felt happy and Koel said to her respected Sasurima, ” Oh ma, you are very lucky to have that monstrous dick, if you don’t mind, I want to take that “.

” Ore dustu, bhabi sasurer dhonta pachanda hoeche bujhi, pabi re, kintu ekhon noi, age oi dhoner guto kheye amar phoolsajjyata sari, tarpar nis, kemon sona”, being totally relieved Locketdebi told her dear bouma openly in slang bengali language.

At that moment Noel said, ” Mamoni, we have done some mistakes, from the childhood, without your knowledge I don’t do anything, but recently I commit that, please forgive me Mamoni, I shall not repeat in future ” Noel fell down on her respected mother’s feet and disclosed all about his relationship with his respected Sasurima and the incidents of the blue film shooting.

Realising his son’s respect for her once again, Locketdebi’s heart filled with joy. Embracing her son and kissing first time on his lips, with emotional voice Locketdebi said, ” No sona, you have done these as a profession and family’s earnings. I’m proud both of you ” Then Locketdebi embraced her bouma also and kissed her lips also.

Locketdebi’s broad minded attitude touched Koel & Noel’s heart also which moisten their eyes with tears . Once again both of them did Pranam to Great Locketdebi and request her to act in the next blue film as a heroine.

” For a long time I was getting numerous proposals for blue film acting but didn’t have the courage for that. But now I am ready for that “, saying this Locketdebi went to her worship-room for praying the almighty God.

The End
(Disclaimer : The story is totally fictional based on fantasy. The author or Desibahu network are not responsible for any resemblance with someone or any incident is totally a coincidence.)