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When the food was ready after an hour or so, Noel found that his mother took a shower and put on a new cotton saree. Her hairs are tied in a ponytail with a red band and she has put on a small black bindi on her forehead. Locketdebi was giving rice to her son’s plate, her anchol (pallu) fell from her tits.

Locketdebi intentionally delayed to take it back to its proper place to notice her son’s reaction. Noel again found that her mother still is without a bra. Noel could easily make out his mother’s pink nipples under the blouse.

Locketdebi was looking so beautiful in her freshen up look that Noel imagined his mother as his wife. He was thinking how nice it would be to go some other far away place with mother, marry her there and fuck mother as many times as he can before making her pregnant.

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Suddenly Locketdebi found that her dearest son is ogling her body. She smiled at her son and said , “I am noticing from this morning that you are devouring your old mother. What’s the matter sona?.”

“Mamoni, you aren’t old, everyone comments you as my didi, you are also very beautiful.”Noel said.

“Alright, I am beautiful. But you are looking 10 inch below my face all the time. What’s the matter sona?”Locketdebi asked with sly smile.

Noel was embarrassed at this hint and Locketdebi smiled again,

“It is not good that you look at your mom’s boobs like that son. You should not imagine those bad things, son.”Locketdebi joked.

” You are so sexy mamoni, I can’t wait, I want to get you as my beloved wife.Will you marry me sona ma? ” Noel expressed his feelings.

” If you weren’t my son, I would marry you. But it’s impossible, mother-son relationship is the most sacred relationship in the world which I can’t destroy, please sona forgive for not fulfilling your wish “, Locketdebi regretted.

” OK mamoni, this increased my respect to you more” saying this Noel did Pranam to his great actress mother and added, ” But mamoni, please marry some one as your choice. After father’s death your depressed outlook is unbearable to me.You can tell me your choice frankly, I will do anything you want. Being a son I can’t tolerate your sleep-less night. Don’t refuse this request”.

” As you wish, I have no objection of your choice “, Locketdebi said and felt proud of her son who thought about her physical need also.
” How about our cook-servant Kalu? He loves you more than me, please marry him Mamoni, ” Noel pleaded her actress mother.

Actually few days ago Locketdebi noticed her servant Kalu’s snake-like cock which increased her depressed hornines. She couldn’t proceed further due to the filmy status, caste difference, age difference, malkin -servant relation and may be Noel’s expected negative repercussions . But now his son’s own proposal cleared the hindrances.She also told her feelings & the incident of noticing Kalu’s cock.

” As a mother also I shouldn’t reject your choice, I will marry Kalu, but if this is disclosed, our family status would be shattered. Not only that, he would be your step father, will you accept that? “, Locketdebi expressed her concern.

” Don’t worry about that. Only a few closest relatives will attend this secret marriage ,and we would glad to get Kalukaka as step-father? we would do anything for your happiness ma ,” saying this Koel entered into the room did the Pranam to her respected Sasurima. Locketdebi were aware of her son & bouma’s respect for her & felt proud of them, she embraced them.

At that time Kalu entered with tea trolley, was informed about the marriage, he couldn’t believe his luck that his malkin, top Bengalee mature actress Smt Locket Banerjee , wanted to marry him.He served tea to them and expressed his unwillingness to marry Locketdebi, ” Being a lower class adibasi servant how could I marry my higher class Malkin?”

” Nowadays it’s not a factor, please Kalukaka, marry my mother, she fell in love with your nigro-like dick “, Noel requested their adibasi servant.
” Yes Kalu, I can’t live without your huge cock, ” saying this Locketdebi fell down on her servant’s feet and began to cry.

” What are you doing memsaheb, being a Brahmin, you can’t touch my dirty adibasi feet, I would be thrown in Hell, ” Kalu fell back swiftly.
” Yes Kalukaka, don’t hurt my Sasurima “, Lastly Koel requested.