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Kalu added, “Dadababu to fuck your Sasurima is not a big deal now. Recently, after the blue film shooting, she is always searching for cocks like a dog after the rainy season. I am thinking how to fuck Rupa Memsaheb.”

Listening Kalu talking like this about his sister, Ranjitbabu was bursting in desire. Ranjitbabu’s sister Smt. Rupa Chatterjee still looked young, at 49 she is tall and slightly bulky, just like Noel’s mother, has long hairs and very beautiful face. Her tits are very sharp, like a big orange from the himalaya and the ass is like an upturned pitcher.

Then Noel asked his respected Sasurmasai, ” Acchha baba, apni to apnar bonke chudechen, ta ki bhabe fit korlen?.”

Ranjitbabu replied, ” Actually my sister is so horny all the time.Not only her husband but different producers, directors, actors and make-up man also enjoyed my sexy sister’s body. But none can able to impregnate her”.

For this Rupadebi’s praying to the Goddess was increased day by day. Being satisfied by her devotion, the Goddess Ratidevi blessed her oneday that she could be a mother only by her brother’s fucking on a sacred day. Next day was Rakhibandhan, which was a sacred day, tieing the sacred Rakhi on his brother’s wrist, with great shame she told the Goddess Ratidevi’s blessing.

From his teenage Ranjitbabu’s fantasy lover was her beloved sister Rupadebi but hadn’t the courage to disclose it due to the illicit taboo feeling. Thanks to the Goddess Ratidevi, only for her blessing, his long-cherished dream was going to be fulfilled that day. Being fully excited Ranjitbabu embraced his sex-bomb didi and began to kiss her soft juicy lips.

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” Oh! brother, be patience, first you have to marry me because I can’t conceive a child other than my husband. It would create a sinister effect on the new-born baby “, Rupa Chatterjee told patiently.

” But didi, being a Bengalee married housewife, it wouldn’t possible for you to marry me”, Ranjitbabu expressed his concern.
” I have a solution for that “, saying this Rupadebi’s beloved husband Rajatbabu entered into the room, led them to the worship-room, wiped out the Sindoor from Rupadebi’s Sinthi and removed the Mangalsutra from her neck.

” Now put the Sindoor on the Sinthi and tied the sacred Mangalsutra to your’s didi’s neck,” saying this Rajatbabu gave the Mangalsutra to Ranjitbabu. Then taking Sindoor from the Goddess’s feet, Ranjitbabu put it on his didi’s Sinthi and tied the sacred Mangalsutra on her neck.Being a devoted wife, Rupa Chatterjee did Pranam to her brother by touching his feet.

Fascinated by Rajatbabu’s greatness, both of them did Pranam to Rajatbabu and went to Kashmir for honeymoon. With continuous fucking in the Fulsajjya, Locketdebi became pregnant on the very first day.

Knowing about the great Tollygung mature celeb Smt. Rupa Chatterjee’s impregnation, Kalu & Noel both became excited very much.

Next day after returning from the Tollygung studio, Noel found his mother Locketdebi is cooking. She was sweating profusely as there was no fan in the kitchen, her blouse was so wet that it just pasted on her body. She was stirring the Daal at the burner. Her tits were swaying like crazy.

Although Noel could not see his mother’s tits over her Ghee color cotton saree and blouse, he realised that his mother was wearing no bra underneath, otherwise her tits would not sway like this. Seeing her son Locketdebi smiled mischievously.

“You are back then. Wait a minute son, The food will be done soon. It is so hot today. Why don’t you blow the hand fan for me a little bit son. I am sweating like a pig.”Locketdebi told her son.

Locketdebi wiped the beads of sweat from her faces and raised her hands to get some spice from the cupboard. Noel’s eyes got stuck to his mother’s armpit which was full of small & curly black hairs. With sweat in the armpit, his mother’s black armpit hairs were glistening and looked so sexy that Noel had his hard on.

Then Locketdebi put the crusher on the counter and started crushing spice like most bengalee housewives does. When she was pressing the crusher, her boobs were trying to just pop out of her blouse.

Noel was mad in lust watching this. He hoped that he could just grab his mother from behind and press her tits. Those tits must be soft like butter and big too. But Noel only managed to go the bathroom and jack off imagining his mother.