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Great Tolly Celebs – Part 2

” Ogo, amai memsaheb, apni bolcho keno? Amon kore ar bolona go, amar bhison lajja korche. Aj theke ami to tomar bou, barite amai tumi ar baire onnya loker samne apni anngge korbe, kemon”, saying this Locketdebi took that glass and touching it with her forehead with great respect, she drank the remaining urine-mixed milk.

Drinking that tonic Locketdebi’s hornines increased more. Removing her tiny flowery bra and panty, she straddled her lying husband Ramu’s nigro-like dick swiftly and said, ” Tumi to amai onekkhan chudle, ebar baron ami chudi?”

Taking Ramu’s huge nigro cock in her long starving cunt and putting a nipple into his mouth, top Bengalee mature actress Smt.Locket Banerjee began to fuck her teenage adibasi boy-servant cum husband Ramu by raising her huge pacha. Observeing this Kalu couldn’t wait, he went to the bed and pleaded,” Memsaheb, I want to fuck your ass”

” Please don’t call me Memsaheb, I am your bouma, and if you want to fuck my ass, you have to take permission from my beloved husband “, with continuous fucking Locketdebi said to her respected Sasur cum cook-servant Kalu Saren.

Realising his bouma’s devotion for her husband, Kalu felt proud. He pleaded his son, ” Ramu sona, ami ki tor bouer podta marte pari?”
” Baba, I am able to fulfill my cherished dream only for you. Moreover Locket is your bouma and bouma is same to bou. So use Locket as your own wife. Am I right Locket? ”

” You are my husband, my almighty God, so your wish is my wish “, saying this Locketdebi kissed her husband and increased her thrusting. Now Kalu positioned himself behind his bouma, taking his rock-hard penis, he put it on his bouma’s brown asshole by spreading her soft ass-cheeks. Fully entering the huge dick in Locketdebi’s asshole slowly and clutching her waist, Kalu began to fuck his famous actress bouma cum Memsaheb’s huge & soft ass.

Witnessing this fascinating & sacred marriage and great Foolsajya ; Koel, Noel, Indranidebi & Ranjitbabu began ” Ulu” ( a sound made with completion of marriage ), their eyes moisten with joy. At the same time, they became so much horny that Noel was kissing his Sasurima. Holding the camcorder in one hand and squeezed her boobs, Noel was filming all these perverted scenes. On other side, embracing her daughter Koel, Ranjitbabu was fingering her soaked pussy and gripping her father’s cock, Koel was jacking him.

On the Fulsajjya bed, first time in her life, being filled the two holes by her husband’s & Sasur’s huge cocks at same time , Locketdebi’s joys knew no bounds. She was uttering continuously bengali slang words ( khisti ) with a hissing tone, ” Chod , aro jore thap de, ar parchi ne re sala khankir bachchara, chude chude amar gud pnod ek kore de e e e e e ”
Realising Locketdebi’s nearby climax, Kalu & his son Ramu increased their downward & upward thrust respectively and Locketdebi matched their thrusts by moving her hip simultaneously.

In a screeching tone Locketdebi reached her memorable climax with the clutching of both rock-hard huge cocks by her pussy & ass muscles which Kalu & Ramu couldn’t bear anymore.

” Oh! Ah h h, gudmarani khankichudi Locket magi re, dhar khanki, amar garam phadata tor gude dhalchi e e e e ” yelling this Ramu pushed his cock into Locketdebi’s cunt even more and spurted his hot cream. At the same time, Kalu also screamed and with a huge thrust he pressed his enormous black cock into Locketdebi’s tight asshole. Hot jets of Kalu’s cum was splashing into Locketdebi’s ass.

In the meantime Ranjitbabu and Noel were fucking also on the worship-room floor to Koel and Indranidebi respectively with tremendous thrusting by watching the great Foolsajya of Locketdebi. With the super climax of Locketdebi, all of them reached their climaxes in yelling the slang khisti to each other.

In this way the great & sacred Fulsajjya of the famous matured 48 yrs old Bengalee actress Mrs Locket Banerjee was completed by her teenage adibasi boy-servant cum husband Ramu Saren and her respected Sasurbaba cum cook-servant Kalu Saren.

All these were filmed and edited with great technical support and at last released in foreign countries as the title ” Sati-Saddhir Biye” ( Marriage of Chaste Woman ). This super-hit bengali blue film was showed also in some five star hotels with strict secrecy for high class personalities at huge cost of cash.

The End
(Disclaimer : The story is totally fictional based on fantasy. The author or Desibahu network are not responsible for any resemblance with someone or any incident is totally a coincidence.)