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Great Tolly Celebs – Part 2

Receiving the soft & hot touch from Kalu’s nigro-like dick on her face & lips, Locketdebi opened her eyes and was amazed to see her future Sasur’s hard black cock once again. Although she felt ashamed with Kalu’s cock-head on her lips before her son’s presence, she felt tremendous excitement also at the same time in her body.

Immediately Locketdebi opened her mouth and after some licking on the cock-head, she took the her servant cum driver’s dick fully into her mouth and began to suck it like a sweet candy.

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” Ma, ebar ektu Kalukakar holebichita chusun “, with her bouma’s request Locketdebi took Kalu’s hairy testicles in her hand and pulled out the cock from her mouth. Squeezing the huge hairy testicles some time, she licked it throughly and at last engulfed the whole testicles and began to chew it lightly like a tasty roast.

In the meantime Koel was sucking their cook-servant cum driver’s dirty black cock. However during her exciting sexy activities with her driver Kalu , religious minded Locketdebi never forgot her sacred praying for her past husband.

Sucking her driver’s sacks, with tearful eyes, she was rubbing her already heated up pussy with her right hand and at the same time threw flowers to her husband’s statue with her left hand. Koel was also rubbing her pussy with the sucking of Kalu’s huge dick.

After some time, they exchanged theirs sucking. Being licked & sucked hungrily on his adibasi cock & testicles by the two famous Bengalee Tollygung actresses, Kalu’s excitement reached high, with a hissing tone he yelled, ” Oh! Ah h h chos chos sali, Khanki magira, ki sundar chuste paris re chudir magi e e e e gelo re berie gelo o o o. …….” realising this Locketdebi quickly pulled out her adibasi driver’s cock from her mouth and taking a glass, she aimed his cumming into the glass.

Globs of gooy hot cum was gushing from Kalu’s cock-head which filled half of the glass. Then mixing Kalu’s semen with some milk and sacred Gangajal ( holy water of the sacred Ganga river ), Locketdebi kept it on Goddess Ratidevi’s feet and began to chant with mantras for her blessing.

After five minutes she took the glass, touched it on her forehead and began to sip it slowly. Finishing half, she gave the glass to her bouma and said, ” Drink it bouma, it not only make you famous but also made you a “Sati-Saddhi” ( Chaste ) like me”.

Taking the sacred mixture from her respected Sasurima, first Koel did Pranam to her Sasurima, then just like her Sasurima, she also touched the glass to her forehead and sipped the remaining sacred mixture with great respect. ” Ki sundar khete phadata “, both the actresses exclaimed in joy and licked their lips with their tounges.

” Memsaheb, apnake onek nongra khisti dilam, khama kore deben, ar bolbona ” after subsidisation of the excitement Kalu begged to his Malkin Locketdebi.

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” Ektu parei tui amar Sasurbaba habi, ar Sasur to babar moton re, ami ki toke khama korte pari? Ar tachara onek din pore eto sundar khisti sunlam, bhison bhalo legeche tor khisti gulo”, pleased Locketdebi said to her driver cum cook Kalu Saren.

Although Noel was filming all these perverted scenes with great effort due to his huge excitement of witnessing his religious & respected mother’s hornines, he didn’t miss a single moment to record it.

” Ma, now time for marriage-bath”, saying this Koel led her widow Sasurima to the bathroom where she slowly removed her respected Sasurima’s saree, blouse and saya one by one and made her Sasurima completely naked.

Being fully nude before her son for the first time, the great Bengalee widow actress Mrs Locket Banerjee felt huge ashamed and with this huge shame, her excitement also increased tremendously. Her only son Noel became excited also seeing his religious mother fully nude first time, filming her voluptuous sexy body from different angles, he started massaging his rock-hard penis through the pant with his left hand.

Same case was of Kalu, his black cock started throbbing again. Noticing her dear son’s condition, Locketdebi’s 1″ nipples became hard and erect, itching pussy began to flow huge amount of pussy-juice. Oh! what a super sex-bomb like figure of Locket Banerjee!

Her huge melon-like white boobs with 2″ radius brown aerola and long black nipples which were piercing with a golden ring, like a uropean porn actress in the middle of the aerola, slightly fatty swollen belly with two folds and huge swollen fully shaved pussy with two puffy long lips created herself a busty matured porn actress.

Completing the bath, Koel smeared the turmeric & sandalwood paste on her Sasurima’s sexy body and in this condition some other customs related to marriage were done. After that Locketdebi again bathed and freshen herself.

Then Koel started furnishing her Sasurima with mehendi, necklace, earing, bangles, bracelet, jingling anklets, a thin golden chain on waist, and a golden necklace with pendant but without any clothes like bra,panty, saya, blouse and saree.