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Great Tolly Celebs – Part 2

However Locketdebi wore a tiny flowery bra and a tiny flowery panty which were able to cover her boobs & pussy only ten percent. With these make-up, Locketdebi’s voluptuous body became tremendous sexy which increased the throbbing of Kalu’s & Noel’s penises even more.

In the meantime Indranidebi & Ranjitbabu entered into ” Sati-Saddhi Neer” ( name of the famous Banerjee family house ) with Ramu in a groom’s make-up and he sat on a seat fixed for groom before a brunt offering (sacred fire as an offering to the almighty God) for his marriage in the drawing-room.

Ranjitbabu sat by his side on the floor for his seat when Koel led her Sasurima there and placed her beside the groom Ramu. Seeing Locketdebi in the sexiest make-up, both Ranjitbabu & Ramu became stunned, immediately their penis became rock-hard and started throbbing heavily.

After one hour of chanting mantras for the marriage by Ranjitbabu, along with Ramu & Locketdebi were done with great respect . Then with Ranjitbabu’s instruction, the teenage adibasi boy-servant Ramu Saren pulled out his huge black dick, put Sindoor with his cock-head on the famous 48 yrs old Bengalee actress Mrs Locket Banerjee’s Sinthi and tied the sacred Mangalsutra on her neck.

Then gripping Kalu’s cock in hand, with great respect Locketdebi did Pranam to her new husband by touching his feet with her forehead and kissed the cock-head. ” Now both of you circulate the burnt offering 7 times unitedly with chanting mantras “.

Along with Ranjitbabu’s chanting, Locketdebi also uttered the sacred mantras. Then rising from her seat, Locketdebi pushed her huge ass by bending forward and Ramu stood behind his matured wife. Sliding the flowery panty’s string on a side, Locketdebi placed his cock-head into her soaked pussy, Ramu pushed forward, slowly the entire 11″ rock-hard dick entered into the juicy pussy.

Clutching his wife’s fatty waist, Ramu started fucking her favourite actress from behind slowly. Fully impaled by her teenage adibasi husband’s cock, matured actress Locketdebi started to circumambulate (going around ) the burnt offering with Ranjitbabu’s chanting of mantras.

With his continuous thrusting into Locketdebi’s tight & juicy pussy from behind in a standing form, Ramu was going around burnt offering also with his famous actress wife Locket Banerjee.

” Oh! Ah h h ong, nama, ong gudena nama, ong choda-chudi eno nama a a a a a a a a a ah! Ki sundar thap dichcho go swami e e e e e e om nama ……” with her teenage husband’s thrust Locketdebi was hissing, along with uttering marriage mantras.

With each thrust Ramu’s cock-head entered into her crevix which was the first time in her 34 yrs sex-life, the huge mushroom size cock-head was confined into her uterus-mouth. As a result, being heavy horny, a violent flow of piss gushed out of Locketdebi’s cunt which was collected by her bouma Koel.

Thus along with slight pissing for each thrust which was collected either by Koel or her mother Indranidebi and uttering mantras, Mrs. Locket Banerjee was going around the sacred burnt offering being fully impaled from behind by her adibasi boy-servant’s huge nigro-like black dick.

” Oh! Ah h h om nama a a a a gelo re bokachoda bhatar re, ar parlam na a a a a a a. ……..” yelling Locketdebi completed her first orgasm. At last when the 7th twirling was completed, Locketdebi also completed her 4th orgasm with the pissing.

After this Locketdebi went to her expired husband’s portrait in the worship-room in a fucking state along with her husband, touching his photo with her forehead, she did Pranam and said, ” Ogo, aj ei anander dine tumi kothai gele go, tomar smriti akshay raktei ami Ramuke biye korlam go, jekhanei thako, amai asirbad karo, jeno ajker chodonei ami poati hote pari” with a sharp screaming Locketdebi again released her pussy-juice along with the pissing which was gushing from her cunt continuously.

Unable to bear in watching such a lecherous scene, giving the camcorder to his Sasurima, Noel fell down before his mother in a kneeling position, pressed his mouth on his mother’s urine gushing cunt and began to drink her precious salty urine hungrily.

Pressing her dearest son’s mouth on her swollen pussy where her husband’s snake-like huge dick was moving like a piston, Locketdebi released her remaining piss on her son’s mouth. Drinking his respected mother’s all sacred piss mixed with her pussy-juice, Noel raised and kissing his mother, he said, ” Mamoni, lovely taste, from now never waste your piss, but now I can’t wait anymore. Please allow me to fuck your sacred pussy from where I came out 28 yrs ago “.

” No my dear son, in this sacred day my pussy is only belong to my husband, please fuck me another day”, realising his mother’s chaste, Noel became pleased very much and did Pranam to his respected and religious minded mother.

After that Ramu pulled out his cock from his wife’s pussy and made his way to the nearby flowery bed prepared for Fulsajjya. Locketdebi moved to the bed like a modest bride with a glass of milk, mixing it with her urine collected by her bouma and gave that to her teenage adibasi husband.

” Oh yeah, memsaheb, ki sundar khete dudhta, please ektu Khan na” drinking half of the urine-mixed milk from the glass like a tasty syrup, Ramu said to his actress-memsaheb Locketdebi.