Fuck fest with FIL

His cum oozed out of my freshly fucked pussy, dribbling along the crack of my ass, mixed with the water pouring from the shower. The water helped in rinsing a part of our fuck juices from our bodies. Father-in-law gave me a satisfied grin. “God knows Nilu,” He smiled. “I never fucked a cunt like yours.” After so recklessly enjoying a mind blowing fuck with my father-in-law, I suddenly found myself turning red with shame and embarrassment. Father-in-law helped me in washing my cunt. He took his time in working his fingers up my pussy and cleansed every drop of cum deposited. Still, he was not satisfied. We showered together and only then, he relented and released me. I hurriedly fled to my room, naked, leaving my drenched clothes lying on the bathroom floor.

I closed the doors from the inside and grabbed a towel. I stood in front of my dressing table; dried my soaked body and began drying my wet hair with the towel. I looked at my naked reflection in the mirror. My body was glowing with the aftereffects of my shower fuck with my father-in-law. I found myself turning crimson. I had cheated on my loving husband. I wasn’t fully responsible for the last day’s incident. However, I couldn’t deny that I had seen it coming, yet didn’t do much to stop it.

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Perhaps I should have informed Adeel about his father’s overtures much earlier. Now, it was too late. The thin line separating my relationship with my father-in-law had been crossed. The truth was that I had enjoyed it; in fact, I rather waited for it to happen today. By succumbing to the temptation, I had lost any moral ground that I had before starting my lustful relation with my father-in-law. I saw my daughter stirring in her bed. Afraid that she would wake up at any moment, I dropped the towel, and hurriedly took a new pair of bra and panties from the dresser and slipped them on my body. I was about to put my salwar and kurta on when there was a knock at the door. “Who’s there?” Although, I knew who it was. “Nilu… open the door,” The horny old man was gain back, “want to show you something.”

“Not yet.” I replied, again feeling a sudden rush of excitement running through my body. “I’m still undressed.” Immediately, his lecherous laughter resonated from the other side of door. “Still have something to hide? Please open… I’ve got something for you.” I thought for a moment, and then opened the door. Father-in-law stepped inside. He was in his usual dress; his upper body bare and a tahmed carelessly wrapped around his waist that did nothing to hide the bulge in front of his crotch. When he saw me standing in only in a bra and panties, his eyes opened wide in admiration. “It’s for you.” He gave me a lewd grin. He brought his hand from behind his back and presented me with a box. I reached out and took the box in my hand. I lifted the lid and slowly opened the box. Nestled in the blue velvety cloth was a beautiful pearl necklace. He removed it from the box and held it up. “It’s for you.” He whispered. “No… I can’t take it.” I refused. “What am I gonna tell Adeel.”

“Don’t worry about him.” He handed me the necklace. “Just give him any cock and bull story… he’ll believe it.” He moved behind me, took the necklace from me and slipped it around my neck. Then he took me in front of the mirror. “Nilu… you’re gorgeous.” He spoke as he slipped his arms around my waist. I felt his hardness pressing into my back. His hand slipped inside my panties, and his hand touched my juicy, swollen cunt lips and quickly found my clit. He began to rub my tiny love-button. “No… please stop… not anymore.” I resisted, but he didn’t listen to me. In a flash, he slipped my panties off my legs.

Then he unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor. “Now look,” Said the horny old man. “so… beautiful.” I stared at the petite naked woman, with only a pearl necklace around her neck, staring at me from the mirror. A pair of hands was working over her hairy pussy from behind. I had never been in such a position. A sudden wave of arousal rushed through my body. I felt his cock poking into my ass cheeks. Then I realized that father-in-law had already dropped his tahmed, and he was standing completely naked behind me. Father-in-law grabbed me from behind and forced me to bend forward. “No… not.” I tried to stop him. “What’re you doing?” He didn’t listen and pushed me.

I bent forward and grabbed the edge of the dressing table. I was now on all fours with my ass high in air and my hands gripping the dressing table. He positioned himself behind me. I held my breath as his mammoth manhood touched my glistening pussy.

He took the cock tip between his thumb and index finger and planted the tip at the opening of my scorching pussy. My entire body shivered with strange anticipation. I was never fucked from behind before. Although, Adeel and I were aware about many positions of fucking, but we had never given it a try. It was mostly done in missionary position. Adeel never liked to experiment; and I was too prudish to ask for any such thing. I waited with bated breath. “Sorry Nilu… can’t stop now.” I felt his cock head gently opening my inflamed cunt lips. He gripped my hips and gave a massive push.

His cock began its journey into my already creaming pussy. In one stroke, it was completely buried into me. His crotch banged against my ass. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…” Father-in-law cried in excitement as his cock plunged into my cunt. He began fucking me vigorously. I waited for a moment and then began responding to his strokes. Father-in-law fucked me harder and faster. I was surprised at his energy. Only fifteen minutes ago, he had fucked me in the shower, and now his cock was again buried inside from behind and he was pumping my pussy like a madman. I could never recall being fucked by Adeel twice in one day. Probably during the initial years of our marriage, he had fucked me more than once but such occasions were very rare. I had a sense of exhilaration for being such a turn on for my father-in-law.

His cock was moving in and out of my ravenous cunt like a piston. With every stroke, he was pulling his cock completely out of my pussy and then immediately ramming it back into my horny depths. I began to squirm. I lifted my head and stared at the woman at me from the mirror. Her face contorted with lust; she was groaning, moaning, begging the old man to pump her pussy harder and harder. It was entirely a different woman. The simple homely housewife was lost somewhere, and I was looking at a cock hungry whore who was so lecherously enjoying her ordeal. Father-in-law was groaning with effort.

His movements were increasing with every passing second. His strong thighs slapped against the back of my thighs again and again. My whole body reveled with the exquisite feeling. “Aarhhhhhhhhhhhh…” He moaned loudly as he plunged his hard on into my pussy. I sensed his impending orgasm and thrusted my ass to take his plunge. His cock exploded like a massive volcano, releasing a big load of thick fresh cum deep inside my pussy. I felt his jerking within the velvety folds of my pussy and releasing gob after gob of fresh cum. It triggered my own orgasm. My pussy twitched violently around his cock. I forcibly squeezed my thighs trying to milk his shooting cock. His cock jerked inside me for the final time, and then his ejaculation stopped. He withdrew his slick cock out of my cum filled pussy.

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Father-in-law slumped over my back, breathing heavily. I felt his cum oozing out of my pussy and slowly trickling along my inner thighs. Finally, he got up releasing his grip on my hips. I got up and turned to face him. I looked at his cum soaked cock that was fast shrinking in size. He gave me an exultant look. Lovingly, he put his had over my dripping pussy and gently ran his fingers over my slit. I closed my eyes and reveled in a wanton abandon. “Nilu…” He spoke.

I opened my eyes. “You should take care of yourself.” He pointed toward my hairy underarms. “Go to a parlor and get this removed.” He gave me warm smile, and went out of the room, gently closing the door behind him. I staggered to my bed and collapsed over it. I got back to my senses only when my one year old daughter woke up and began crying.

I suddenly felt ashamed of my nakedness in front of my toddler. I slipped a sheet, covered my naked body, and took her in my arms.

That afternoon, I visited a beauty salon to get a complete makeover.