Fuck fest with FIL

Once I was completely naked, he began to strip. Then I felt him between my legs. His cock tip nudged at my opening which was smarting due to morning fuck. I wanted to ask him to stop, afraid that he would immediately come to know about my infidelity. Adeel tried to push his cock into my pussy. The tip forced against my sore inner lips. I moaned. He took it as a sign of acceptance, and he pushed harder. It didn’t go inside. My cunt was completely dry. Failing to insert his cock into me, he withdrew it and replaced it with his finger. His index finger entered my aching cunt, and he began finger fucking me. I lay still under him while his digit moved in and out of my pussy. His efforts began to pay off moments later. I felt the sensation and my pussy started lubricating. Only then I realized why my pussy was hurting so much after the morning fuck. When father-in-law fucked me in the morning; I was afraid and was not ready for the fuck.

My cunt was completely dry when he rammed his cock in mercilessly, making it feel like a virgin pussy. I began to relish Adeel’s slow finger fucking. Soon, my cunt was dripping wet. Adeel withdrew his finger and again planted the tip of his cock at the dripping entrance of my pussy. He pushed lightly. His cock moved easily into my slick pussy. He inched forward, slowly inserting the entire length of his cock deep into my pussy, his balls coming to rest against my ass. He began fucking me with a slow rhythm. I enjoyed his deep rhythmic fucking. My mind drifted to my father-in-law. I tried to compare the two men who had fucked me. Adeel was a delicate lover, gentle and caring. Fucking Adeel always gave me an impression of being handled with utmost care. He never rushed, never tried to force it, and always fucked me in slow and deliberate manner.

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My morning experience with his father was exactly the opposite. He was like an animal in bed, wild and savage. He fucked me so hard that my cunt was still aching. He didn’t bother to work my pussy for some lubrication. I felt disgusted when he began fucking me but when he finished; my cunt, although hurting from his animal onslaught, was silently begging for more. I had never been fucked like that before. Again, I recalled the morning fuck. My pussy began to ooze aplenty. I moaned lightly. Adeel groaned happily hearing my muffled moans while his cock sliced into my cunt. He was panting with the effort.

I felt ashamed for thinking about my father-in-law while my husband was making love to me. I shrugged myself out of my reverie and began humping back at the pistoning cock. Adeel found me responding. He increased his pumping. He was fast approaching his climax. Finally, he grunted loudly, and lunged forward. He buried his cock deep into my pussy and erupted inside me. His cock spurted again and again and flooded my womb with his love juice. Slowly, the jerking receded and then ceased altogether. He gently pulled his soft cock out of my pussy. Breathing heavily, he rolled off me and slumped on my side. I slipped off the bed and rushed to the bathroom. I pissed and washed my cunt thoroughly, dried my cunt lips and wet bush with a towel. Then I put my clothes on. When I returned, Adeel was snoring. I lay beside him silently, closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

In a single day, I had been fucked by two men. Two different cocks had deposited their seeds inside my womb. I had been fucked and loved on the same day. Two people… so different from each other… one a gentle lover… the other like a wild animal. I should hate the animal for what he did to me. But, did I… really? Today, something had changed inside me. My body longed to relive that pleasure again, to feel that animal energy penetrating my body, the brutal thrusting and massive force of ejaculation inundating my pussy. I squirmed on the bed, squeezing my thighs, trying to stop the sudden flow of wetness seeping from my cunt.

When I finally drifted to sleep, I was soaking wet between my legs. The first thing I noticed in the morning was that the soreness was replaced by a very mild, gentle prickling sensation, a faint reminder of what had transpired yesterday. The morning passed in the usual way. I sent the kids to school and cooked breakfast for Adeel and his father. Father-in-law came out of his room only when the breakfast was ready. He looked fresh and gave me a nasty grin. Red with embarrassment, I avoided his gaze, and served the breakfast. They ate ravenously while I served the tea. After breakfast, Adeel changed and was ready for the shop. He took instructions from his father, collected his Tiffin and went out.

I was now alone in the house. Father-in-law had already retired to his room. He was watching some news channel. I could hear the sound of a news reader reading the morning news.

I paced in the kitchen; a strange nervousness gripped me. My heart began to beat faster. I expected him to come out of his room, grab me, take me to his room and fuck me hard. I was suddenly flushed. Holy shit…I cursed myself for my lustful thinking. I must hate that bastard for ruining my life… the evil man who had violated me like an animal. A fight within my conscious ensued. My body responded in an entirely different way. I could feel my crotch getting wetter with every passing minute. Someone knocked at the front door. When I opened it, the housemaid was standing there. To my surprise, I didn’t like her presence although it was her regular routine.

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I accompanied her to the kitchen and gave her the instructions. While she was busy mopping the floor, I stood by the kitchen door and looked in the direction of my father-in-law’s room. No movement. He seemed busy listening to the morning news, but I was sure that he must be looking at me from some hidden corner. The maid finished her work. I walked her to the door and locked it. I was breathing heavily. Anytime now father-in-law would come out and grab me in his arms. My cunt twitched with a strange anticipation. “How can I do this?” I felt ashamed about my lewd thoughts. I heard Shama cry. I rushed to my bedroom, took her in my arm and breast-fed her. She was soon asleep. I came out of my room. I picked up the noise of the shower running in the common bathroom. “Nilu…” I heard him shout from the bathroom. “Yes.”

“I forgot my towel,” He said loudly. “Please give it to me.”

“Help yourself.” I realized that my voice was quivering. “I am naked… can’t come out… please get it.” He shouted from the bathroom; I could feel the taunt in his voice. My body began to tremble with an incredible anticipation. I went to his room, took his towel from his bed and walked to the bathroom door. I gently tapped on the door. “Towel.” The door opened immediately. I extended my hand with the towel while looking away from him. “What’re you doing Nilu… hand it properly?” I turned my head. Father-in-law was standing naked at the door, leering; his body soaked with water, his massive cock jutting out of his coarse bush, his heavy balls hanging erotically. “Look what happens to me every time I see you.” He smiled lecherously as he twitched his strong abdominal muscles to cause his cock to jounce up and down. I could not avoid looking at the thick rod that was swinging so majestically.

Father-in-law moved forward, grabbed my hand and dragged me into his arms. “Let me go.” I tried to resist unsuccessfully. “Please.” He laughed and dragged my struggling body under the shower. The cold water from shower fell over our heated bodies. I could feel his raging hard on poking into my belly through my wet clothes. He began to take my clothes off. “No… Please don’t.” I offered a half hearted resistance. “Let me go.” He didn’t seem to listen to me. One by one, he undid my kurta and salwar. First, he pulled my kurta over my head. He then unhooked my bra exposing my full breast and hard nipples. He carelessly dropped the bra on the floor. Shivering with shame, I cupped my tits in a frail attempt to hide my nudity from him. He didn’t pay any attention and proceeded to undo my salwar.