Manjeet’s Hot Mom – Chapter 2

Mona didn’t think her son was ashamed of being fucked by her, but she had had to let him know she wasn’t.

As she bathed, she smiled to herself. She had been dancing suggestively in front of him for some months now, not really knowing what would eventually happen. She had known it excited him, and dancing always made her feel passionate.

When she had lifted her cunt off him, she had seen the wetness on his fly and jockey shorts. There was no doubt in her mind that Manjeet had never been fucked before. She was, though, surprised that his cock had remained so hard after coming so much. Mona had fucked a few men, but no one had ever kept a hard-on after coming off the way her son had. And he came so much, really squirted it out. She had read or heard someplace that a man came only enough to fill a tablespoon. Whether that was true or not, it wasn’t the case with her son. She was sure he could have filled three or four tablespoons, and it was thick and hot. Even her ex-husband, Manjeet’s father, had not come that much, nor had he kept a hard-on.

Literotica Incest sex stories – Manjeet’s hot Mom

Mona prided herself on having a hot cunt, a cunt that could drain a man’s balls quickly and made his cock droop. But that wasn’t the case with her son, obviously.

Mona was an erotic woman, with delicious fantasies she had never been able to realize. She had exposed her inner self only twice before, once to her boyfriend in high school, and then to her husband. She had hoped they would indulge her fantasies, but what happened was they called her weird and strange and filthy. She didn’t think she was strange or weird. She had read a great deal. She felt frustrated most of the time. She dreamed of finding herself a partner with the same hungers she suffered with, and thought that if she would make herself available at
singles bars and so on, she might find a man. But that was only a might, a very big might. Mona didn’t want to take such a chance on developing a relationship with another man, only to be kicked on her ass when she revealed her desires.

She was tired of the macho bullshit, tired of having to wait like a good little girl for some man to say what he wanted, then to be used by him. There was something wrong, she felt, when a man could have such desires, demand the woman perform them, and then call her a filthy slut and bitch if she demanded to be satisfied by a man.

If her cunt was hot and wet, she was a hot ass. If she sucked a cock off, she was dirty cocksucker. If she grabbed a man by his cock, she was too aggressive.

Mona was tired of the whole bundle of shit.

She wanted to be herself, wanted to be Mona. She wanted to let her hungers and desires be known, accepted, and enjoyed. She knew she had a lot to offer a man who was comfortable with his own wild desires, because Mona would not hesitate to feed them, provided her desires were fed, too. Stroke for stroke, Mona would give as much as she received.

Getting out of the tub, she fowled her slender body. Tossing the towel into the hamper, she padded naked into her bedroom. She stood and looked at herself in the huge mirror on the wall. She had installed the mirror long after her husband had gone. She loved to look at herself naked. She loved to see her saucy tits, her hairy cunt and curvy ass. The body was beautiful to her, something to enjoy.

Mona was about five-feet-eight. She had a rich auburn color to her hair, with coppery highlights that caught the sun. Her eyes were slightly almond-shaped, green with flecks of gold. Her nose was small and perfect for her oval-shaped face. Her lips were full and moist. She had a slender neck, and her tits had not changed in any way since high school. They still stood up in perky sweetness, firm, with lovely nipples half an inch long. Her nipples were a light-brown color, with a big circle of pebbled flesh surrounding them. She had a small waist and a flat stomach, with a becoming dimple of a belly button.

Her hips were round and shapely, and her legs, as men had said, went on forever. They were slim and shapely, and she loved to feel them wrapped about a man’s hips. The hair of her cunt was shaped like a fan, thick in the middle, thinning out toward her hip bones. Her cunt was sculptured, the lips puffy but not large. The tip of her clitoris protruded slightly from the folds of her pussy, just enough to touch her panties and remind her it was there.

She ran her hand through the soft hair of her cunt, smiling at her reflection. Manjeet had certainly enjoyed her cunt, she thought. It was a shame she didn’t have a man to enjoy her pussy as well, a man who would accept her as she was without thinking she was strange.

Parting her thighs, she pulled at the lips of her pussy, enjoying the stretching feeling. Her clitoris bulged outward, and she smiled down at it. Brushing a fingertip over her clitoris, she felt an immediate response, and a shiver moved up and down her spine. She placed two fingers along her clitoris, and smashed it. A sigh of pleasure came from her. It had only been perhaps an hour since she had fucked her son, and already she wanted more cock. But that was no surprise to Mona; she thrived on hard cock, wanted prick all the time, inside her, outside her, and doing those wild things men had called her weird for.

Pulling on a fresh pair of shorts, white like the others, she wondered if her son was still in the living room. She squeezed herself into the tight shorts, adjusting them. Now that she had fucked him, she deliberately made certain her pussy slit was outlined, and even caused a few dark cunt hairs to swirl from the crotch. The white shorts were thin, and the darker shadow of her cunt hair could be seen through them.

She considered a blouse or sweater, and grinning impishly at herself, realized it no longer mattered.

Moving from her room, feeling delicious to have her tits free, she peeked into her son’s room, and it was empty. She peeked into the hall bath, and it, too, was empty.

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Manjeet was still sitting on the couch in the living room. He had stuffed his cock back into his pants, and he sat there slumped, legs stretched, looking half asleep. He looked up at his mother as she entered, and Mona paused near the door. He gazed at his mother’s naked tits, then looked into her eyes.

“Well, baby, are you ashamed?” she asked.

Manjeet shook his head, then a grin spread over his young face, his eyes lighting up.

Mona leaned against the door jamb crossing one knee, placing her hand on her hip. “I guess I said some pretty wild things, didn’t I?” Mona asked. “I couldn’t help it, Manjeet. Sometimes it gets that way.”

“It’s okay, Mother,” he replied, and she detected a quiver in his voice.

“What I said … those words,” she asked in a soft voice, “did they … excite you?”

“Yeah, Mother!” he said, enthusiastic, his eyes burning on her beautiful tits.

She lowered her eyes to the front of his pants, seeing they were still wet from her cunt. The bulging of his cock and balls made her tremble with hunger again. She ran her tongue over her lips, and started toward him. Manjeet caught sight of her crotch, and she heard him suck in a sharp hiss of air.

Standing near him, Mona leaned down slightly, and cupped her son’s crotch, squeezing his cock and balls gently.

“Mmmmm, nice, honey,” she whispered softly. “Very, very nice.”

Manjeet parted his legs, arching his hips up.

“Ahhhh, you like this, huh?” She grinned at him, squeezing his cock and balls again.

Manjeet started to lift his hand to her tits, and stopped.

“Touch them if you want, baby,” she urged throatily.

To show her son she meant it, she rubbed up and down the crotch of his pants, feeling his cock starting to swell “You can play with mother’s titties, Manjeet. You can play with them, feel them, pull them, squeeze them, suck them!”

Manjeet closed his hands about his mother’s tits, feeling the firmness. He teased her nipples, stroking them almost as if they were fragile.

“Twist my nipples,” Mona hissed. “Twist them and pull them. You won’t hurt them, baby.”

As he twisted and pulled at her nipples, Mona mewled softly, pressing down on his cock. When his prick was up and hard, she rubbed her palm along his cock.

“Let’s take it out again, okay, darling?”

“Oh, yes, Mother!” he replied, cupping her tits tightly.