Manjeet’s Hot Mom – Chapter 2

For the second time Mona opened her son’s pants, and fished his cock out of his shorts. She lifted his prick free, and swallowed with delight to see the swollen cock head again.

“Want me to talk dirty to you again?” she asked. She was almost afraid to ask her son, afraid he would be like all those others. But she had to ask.

“Yeah, Mother!” he said with enthusiasm.

Mona closed her fist about his cock, sitting down beside him. Manjeet turned on the couch, bringing his knees up and facing his mother. Mona held his cock, stroking and cooing softly while he toyed with her tits.

“You have a beautiful cock, Manjeet,” she said, slightly nervous. “It’s so hard and long and … oh, that sweet head! Did you enjoy feeling your cock inside my cunt? Was it good to feel mother’s hot, wet pussy holding your lovely prick so deep?”


“Tell me about it,” she urged, pumping at his prick.

“It felt good, Mother.”

“Use the words, Manjeet,” she said thickly. “I want to hear you say those

“I liked my cock in your cunt, Mother,” he said without hesitation.

“Would you like to fuck me again? Would you love to stick this beautiful hard cock in mother’s hot cunt and fuck it again?”

“I sure would, Mother!”

“Oooh, so would I!”

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She squeezed his cock hard, bringing a moan from her son. Holding his cock, she looked into his excited face. “Would you like to put your cock between mother’s tits?”

“Could I, Mother?”

“I’d love for you to do it,” she said, sliding from the couch and standing on her knees. “Stand up in front of me.”

Manjeet stood, his cock waving from his pants.

“It would feel better if we took your pants down, honey,” she said softly.

She opened his belt. She pulled his pants down to his knees, and started to pull at his shorts, then stopped.

“We’ll leave these on for a while,” she whispered, pulling his cock to her tits.

She dipped her chin and watched as she rubbed the slit of his piss hole about her nipples, going from one to the other. She smeared her nipples with the juices seeping from his cock. She pulled the crotch of his shorts to one side, exposing his balls. They were young balls, hairless, but full and lovely. She saw a bit of wiry hair at the base
of his cock, and felt excited by his youth.

“Now, let’s take your shorts down,” she said softly, pulling them to his knees.

Manjeet shoved his hips forward and pressed his balls upon her tits. His cock throbbed near her throat. With a mewl, Mona ran her hands past her son’s hips, closing her fingers about the youthful cheeks of his ass, pulling him tight. She looked up at his hot face, her eyes glowing.

“Oh, it feels wonderful, Manjeet. Your balls feel so good on my tits.”

By his own accord, Manjeet twisted his hips, rubbing his balls on her titties, his cock pressing at her neck, dripping.

“Put your cock between mother’s titties,” she said.

Manjeet placed his cock between them, and Mona pressed her tits around it. “Ooooh, I can feel your cock throbbing, honey!” she purred hotly.

“You feel so good between my tits.”

She lowered her chin, and felt the head of his cock brush that hot wetness on it. Tucking her chin lower, she kissed the head of her son’s cock, holding her tits tightly.

“Would you like to come off in my face again, Manjeet?”

“I thought that made you mad, Mother,” he said. “I couldn’t help it.”

“I didn’t mind.” She grinned at him, rubbing her tits up and down his cock. “I wanted it to happen, honey. I wanted you to come off … in my face.”

She closed her tits tightly about her son’s cock, kissing the head again.

Then, looking back up at his excited face, she said: “Fuck my tits. I’ve wanted to feel a hard cock fucking my tits for a long time, baby.”

“Okay, Mother,” he agreed, grinning down at her.

Mona let her breath out. “Would you fuck my titties and come in my face again?”

“If you want me to, Mother.”

“Ohhhh, honey!” she sobbed, throwing her arms about his hips and clasping his naked ass, hugging him tightly. “Please! Please fuck mother’s titties and squirt right in my face!”

Manjeet began fucking up and down.

Mona squeezed her titties about his cock, feeling it sliding in the valley. Her nipples almost touched. She purred hotly as she watched the swollen head slide upward from her nipples, poking at her chin. She pursed her lips and began kissing the head of his cock as he fucked up and down. When she darted her tongue out, flicking over his dripping piss hole, Manjeet groaned.

“You like that?” she asked softly, heat in her voice.

“Yes, Mother!”

She flicked her tongue across his cock again, and Manjeet strained upward.

“Mmmm, you taste very good, honey,” she whispered, swirling her tongue round and round the smooth head of his cock. “Fuck my titties, baby! Fuck my titties fast and come in my face! Ohhhh, baby, I love to feel you come off in my face!”

Manjeet began fucking swiftly, shoving his throbbing cock up and down. Mona squeezed her tits as tight as she could about his cock, purring softly, and she kissed the head of his prick each time it brushed her lips.

“So hard and hot, Manjeet! Your cock is so very hard and hot between mother’s titties! Ooooh, rub your balls on me! I love to feel balls rubbing against my skin! Your balls feel very hot and full again, baby! Are you going to come a lot, the way you did before?”

“I dunno, Mother,” Manjeet gasped.

“Do you like to feel mother’s titties holding your cock? Do you like to fuck mother between these nice tits?”

“Yes! Oh, yes, Mother!”

“Come in my face!” she hissed, licking her tongue about the head of his cock. “Come in mother’s face, baby! Ooohhh, Manjeet, squirt that thick come juice in mother’s fucking face!”

“In my fucking face!” she insisted.

“Yes, Mother! I’ll come in your fucking face!”

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“Ohhhh, now!”

Manjeet fucked faster while his mother held her tits as tight as she could about his throbbing hard-on. She kissed and licked at the swollen prickhead every time his cock came up. She felt his prick growing larger, becoming harder and longer.

Just as he was ready to squirt, Mona pulled away, setting her ass on her heels. She grabbed his tight young ass with both hands, turning her head upward.

“Jack off!” she squealed. “Jack your cock off into my fucking face! Hurry, Manjeet! Ohhhh, hurry! Come in mother’s fucking face!”

Already overcome with passion, Manjeet gripped his cock and pounded frantically. Mona gazed at his piss hole with slitted eyes, and saw the bubbling come juice spurt. As spunk splashed into her face for the second time, she moaned. Her cunt exploded inside her tight shorts, contracting with a powerful orgasm. She sobbed with pleasure as her son came into her face time and again. Her forehead, her nose, her cheeks were drenched in his come juice, and then she closed her eyes because his jizz spattered them. She parted her lips and was just moving her tongue forward when her son sent a scalding spurt onto her bottom lip. With a wail, Mona began licking, tasting the sweet hot come juice of her son’s young balls. Her orgasm increased with power as she tasted
his come juice, and her tongue flicked across the head of his piss slit quickly, but Manjeet was finished. She swirled her tongue about the head of his cock, tasting, her face thoroughly coated with the thick juices.

“Was that okay, Mother?” Manjeet asked, turning loose of his cock.”That was perfect, baby,” she purred. She slitted her eyes and saw his prick starting to droop. “Oooooh, it’s sweet!”

Manjeet gasped when he saw his mother open her lips and dart her face forward. He gasped again when he felt her wet, hot mouth close around the head of his cock.

“Mother!” Manjeet gasped. “That’s cocksucking!”

Mona swallowed his cock, tasting with her tongue, sucking for a moment, her lips being tickled by the scant amount of wiry hair at the base.

Then she slipped her mouth off his cock.

“I know it’s cocksucking.” She grinned at him. “I love to suck cock. Among other things. Do you mind if I suck on your cock, baby?”

“I love it, Mother!”

To Be Continued…