Erotic Massage to buxom wife Mansi

He continued this work on my cock. Pumping it, up and down, tickling my balls. I was nearing climax and with a loud grunt, it came. I cummed and cummed. It shot up in the air and was all over my stomach and his hands. 

He smiled and wiped it with a napkin.

“You had a good load in there, sir”, He commended.

I smiled and stood up. He suggested that I should wait for 10-15 minutes and let the oil dry up and then taken a hot water bath. It’s good for skin and health. I nodded and sat on the sofa.

David started packing his things. He was done now. I didn’t wanted to let the opportunity pass by.

“Mansi, why don’t you take a good massage?”, I asked her. I knew she was hot by now.

“Ummm.. I don’t know, honey”, She tried to jump the topic. Maybe she wanted me to think that she was too honest to be touched by a stranger.

“Don’t worry, it’s a good experience and we are far away from home. You should definitely try it. Would relax your body and mind”, I replied and pushed her towards David.

“Yes Madam, a good massage can help you relax and feel fresh”, He added.

Mansi, unsure what to do, agreed for it. I was delighted. 

“Please remove the gown and come here madam”, David said.

Mansi stood up and looked at me for a second or too. She wasn’t wearing anything under the garments, I knew it. Maybe she was trying to show that she was ashamed to get nude in front of someone else. She was a bitch and I knew it.

With some hesitation and constant pursuance from me, she dropped the gown.

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There she was, milky white and beautiful Mansi. All nude. Nothing on the white body. Full round and big boobs. Hairy pussy, big ass and a figure to die for. All nude in front of us.

David looked surprised. He wasn’t expecting a full nude show. He somehow got control on himself and asked Mansi to lie face down (on her stomach) so he can start the massage.

She did that. Her full nude body was in front of him. Her big round ass and small hair from around her asshole, visible to naked eye. 

David took some oil from another bottle. This one scented even better. Maybe this was for ladies massage only. I sat on the sofa, all naked, watching my buxom wife get massaged by a stranger.

He slowly started his work. Massaging her foot, ankle and gradually her thighs. Mansi was silent and had her eyes closed. David kept massaging her thighs and legs for 10-12 minutes. This is longer than what he did on me. 

While massaging he looked at me and said,” Sir, do you mind if I remove my lungi and T-shirt? It’s getting too oily and it will get spoiled.

I knew what was going through him. 

“No problem David, You can remove them and do it as you wish. Just give her the best time of her life”, I said.

David smiled. He got up and removed his Lungi and T-Shirt. Mansi didn’t object, neither did she comment on why he was getting almost nude. David on now in his undies. He was wearing a V-shape underwear. Old one. The elastic had worn out and it was pretty lose from inside of thighs. One could easily see half of his cock and massive balls from it. 

He smiled sheepishly, “Sorry sir, It’s one of those days when I forgot to wear my new undies”. 

He was pretty bold now.

“That’s ok David, You can continue with that”, I nodded and watched him sit on Mansi’s legs and massage her massive bums. He was on her thighs. His undies were touching the inner section of her thighs, maybe his cock too. 

He kept massaging her bums for a while. They became red with pressure. Slowly he moved towards her waist and back. Gradually moving to massage her shoulders. It took around 30 minutes for him to massage her back. Too much time and too erotic.

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“Madam, please roll over so I can massage your front too”, He asked Mansi.

She rolled over. Her eyes were still closed. She had a little blush on her cheeks. He big boobs, black areolas, slim waist and hairy pussy was all in view to David’s eye. He smiled somewhat, took some oil and started massaging legs. 

His pressure was perfect. Mansi was silent but enjoying his expert hands as he moved towards her thighs and later her belly. After sometime, he moved to massage her big boobs. He applied some oil on them and massaged each for almost 10-15 minutes. They became red with pressure and nipples were firm and erect with constant caressing now. He was expert it the waiting game and playing with her body.

He caressed her pussy hairs and massaged her pussy as well. He didn’t put his fingers in it though. Maybe he was not comfortable doing that in from of me.

Suddenly, the oil bottle fell and David’s undies got oil all over it. Whether it was accidental or on purpose, I never knew. 

David got up with oil on his undies and cursed under his breath.

“Sir, do you mind if I take this off? Oil is all over it and very slippery for me.” he asked with fake concern in his eyes.