Erotic Massage to buxom wife Mansi

“That’s alright David, just make sure you complete you work”, I replied getting up. I had waited long and wanted to get my hot water bath. He removed his undies.

His massive fat cock, almost 9-10 inches long and almost 3-4 inches fat sprang out. His balls were massive too. He had lots of pubic hairs. I guess he was not too accustomed with shaving etc. 

He sheepishly sat down, full nude, in front of my wife and started massaging her waist and pussy hairs. 

All this time, Mansi hadn’t opened her eyes. But when David got nude, she peeked at his nudity from corner of her eyes. Eyeing his massive cock, I guess.

“I am going to take my bath. Please finish the massage quickly David, it’s almost midnight”, I said with urgency as I made way towards the bathroom, which was connected to the room but had a curtain in front of it. The alley had a dim light, so if someone stood behind the curtains, no one could see him.

I walked towards the curtain, closed it to show that i was in bathroom. Turned the water on and hid behind the curtains, watching David massage Mansi. 

David massage her pussy for about 2-3 minutes and was talking to her. I guess he was asking about her pubic hairs or about the pressure on her body. Mansi, was very talkative suddenly. She was silent and had her eyes closed all the time when I was there with them. 

But with me gone, she had opened her eyes and talking without any shame or hesitation.

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David motioned her to roll over. She rolled over. David slowly caressed her bums and whispered something to Mansi. She got up on her hands and knees.

She was on Doggy style now. He ass and pussy visible from behind. David moved towards her ass and caressed her asshole. Mansi was now grunting a little. David put her finger in her asshole and pushed it deep. Mansi let out a small shriek.

He kept rimming her asshole with a finger or two for sometime. Then he got up and oiled her cock. Mansi was watching it with utmost happiness. She was going to get fucked by a stranger. He whispered something and Mansi spread her legs even more.

Her juicy pussy was in full view now. It was wet and red with all the massage done by David. He slowly put his cock on her pussy and gave one mighty push. It went in. Her pussy was so wet that David’s cock went in with a single push. Mansi jumped a little. David’s cock was fat and big. She was in pain, somewhat.

David started moving his hips. Slowly fucking my beautiful buxom housewife – Mansi. She was moaning and moving her ass towards him in rhythm, matching his strokes. This went on for couple of minutes. Suddenly David increased the pressure. He was fucking her with too much force now. She was shrieking and crying somewhat now.

She wasn’t expecting a fuck like this. Her legs were trembling and her head was in her arms now. She was grunting, moaning and crying. David continued ramming her pussy from behind for 10-15 minutes. He was a player. Very good stamina and was in for long innings.

After fucking her pussy for 10-15 minutes, he took his cock out. Mansi was still in doggy position. He applied some oil on his cock and put some oil in Mansi’s asshole. She didn’t object. She had her asshole torn apart when she got fucked by Ashraful and Bashir. So getting ass fucked again was normal routine for her.

David pushed her well oiled cock in her asshole. Mansi shrieked and almost got up, but David held her shoulders and whispered her to take it and adjust to the pain. She was in pain. Maybe this was too massive for her to take in her tiny asshole.

David pushed 2-3 times and his cock was in. His massive 10 inches cock was inside Mansi’s tiny asshole and she was crying loudly now. Although her cries were audible, she didn’t care about me or someone else listening to it. Her cries had pleasure, pain and desire in it.

David fucked her asshole for 10 more minutes. He kept slapping her big round bums and fucking her ass like she was his property now. He would occasionally bite her back and finger her pussy. 

Mansi was grunting and shouting. She had already cummed 2-3 times now. Her asshole was too sore now and she wanted David to finish his load in her. 

David flipped her and started fucking her in missionary style. Mansi’s wide legs high up in the air, and black, stocky old man fucking her like a bull. She was crying, grunting and cumming. 

Suddenly David grunted and went stiff.

He was cumming inside my wife!!

Mansi tried to wriggle herself out of his clutches. Maybe she didn’t wanted him to unload in her pussy. But David was too strong for her. He unloaded all his cum in her. 

After some time he got up, cleaned his cock with a napkin and went on to wear his clothes. All the while naked in front of Mansi. Mansi didn’t get up. Maybe she was too tired or her pussy and asshole were so swollen and so that she couldn’t move.

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“I should go now Madam”, He said as he wore his T-Shirt. 

Mansi got up with his help, put her hands in his lungi and caressed David’s limp cock.

“Are you gonna come tomorrow too?” She asked,” I will need a good massage again”.

David smiled and said he’ll come.

Mansi walked towards her purse and gave him 2000 rupees. David smiled, sucked Mansi’s boobs for a while and went away.

I was too excited watching a bitch like Mansi taking David’s massive cock. I went and had a small bath. 

Mansi sat on the sofa, with napkins in her hand and her swollen pussy full of thick cum. She was happy and wanted more now.