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She was wearing very light total transperent costly white siffon saree, white backless choli(blouse). The choli which was tied on her neck and a transparent string low on her back was exposing her whole back and was so low cut that showing more than three fourth of her huge milky cleavage.By chance a string is broken then every one will see her pigeons fly. She also wore her Saree very tightly over ass and much much below her navel.
She was looking drop dead heated gorgeous.I made way for her to go in front as I wanted to drink her jiggling back & bums from behind. And there you are: I was walking behind Minu madam,and I was going mad after seeing her madam’s milky white back and her jel filled bums vibrating by each of her steps.She indeed had hugely protuding round ass.I thought “what an ass jiggling like gel bag..I thought in mind various postures to bang this slut”. As soon as I opened the door for her and she got inside the backseat of her mercedece,my eyes widened as I watched with awe Minu’s hugely exposed flaunting cleavage.Perhapes madam has worn the most lowest cut blouse today,that I have ever seen.My mouth was almost watering seeing her big globes in half exposed blouse.

Boss was sitting at the madam’s side but perhapes didnt paid proper attention to this beauty and kept on talking in mobile some business points with somebody.

I couldnt realize that when we reached airport.Boss bidded goodbye to madam and made entry inside the security checkings.We came back to our car and madam sat at her back seat and I started driving.After two minutes of complete silence,madam asked shyly,where are you driving.I replied in a harsh tone “chupkar saali,aj se tu mera rand hae,mae tujhe jaha bhi chahu lejaunga,jo bhi chahu karunga,na to tu mujhe kuch kahegi,na to tu mujhe kuch order degi.”(from today you are absolutely mine,I’ll take you whereever i like,do whatever I like with you,neither you will say anything nor you will give me any orders)Madam kept silent.I took the car in a near by city by-pass,and came down from the road to deep into the side by dark fields and turned all the lights off.The night being a day after no moon night,it was impossible for the passer bys of the road to see.Besides at that hour traffic was least on that road.The mercedes had black glass,so I only switched on the light inside the car and the ac.

I came down from the driver’s seat ,opened the back door ,got in and locked the door from inside.I saw madam’s eyes full with lust and fear.Boss had innovated the interior of the mercedes for luxory purposes.He had shifted the back seat much behind and made a great space inbetween the front seat and back.The floor was furnished with costly carpet.

I sat on the floor and watched madam very well with lusty eyes from head to toe.She became shy and couldnt look at me.I said to madam to come down on floor and sit at my side.Madam said “niche to ganda hae” (the carpet is dirty).I replied “to keya hua,aj ke baad tu bhi gaandi ho jaigi!”(so what,after today you’ll also become very dirty.)
Madam hasitatingly came down from her seat and sat on the floor.

Madam was was 5’.5” tall with milky whitish complexion, long black hairs up to her massive potruding hips with attractive face and I had a very big and well shaped boobs and ass.Both her boobs and butt were abnormally large compared to my whole body structure.I on the other hand was deep black in colour.I was 5’10 mascular rather bulky man.Zade black complexion.Bald.I looked exactly like those African men in blue films,where as Minu looked like a sex goddess.

I went close to madam,I could almost hear madam’s heart beat loud and clear in the silences of the field.I grabbed the pallu of her saree,out came her ripe balls.Oh! what a scene was it,inside her cleavage her mangal sutra was stuck.I was having a good hardon.I asked her to untie the saree from her petticoat.She did it without a word.Her saree had a charming smell.I took the saree and threw it in the front seat.

By that my sex goddess was sitting infront of me with only a thin tight sleeveless blouse
with a huge busty bulge,and her petticoat in her lower abdomen,exposing her big navel.My mouth was waterring.I placed my two big rough palms on madam’s huge softy boobies,over her low sleeveless blouse.Madam gasped ‘sssHHHhhhhhhssssss.’I started pressing madam’s boobies a little,she closed her eyes.Then suddenly I with one pull tore madam’s blouse apart,and held it wide open.Her boobs jumped out with skinny thin black bra.

Madam’s eyes were wide open,and asked with terror in eyes why did i tear it,it was her costliest blouse.I said I did it as a punishment for teasing me for so many months.She didnt reply me anything.I threw the blouse in the front seat too.Now she was only in her bra and petticoat.I pulled the string of her petticoat and pulled it out from her leg and threw it in the front seat.She was silently presenting herself to me.WOW!!She was a sex goddess to look at.She was only in a very thin black panty and a bra.Her bulkyness added to her appeal with that dress.

She wasnt looking at me properly and had her eyes full of shame.I sat infront of her and opened my uniform shirt,vest and pant and underware and became totally nude.It was like those of the african mamba cocks.My cock was almost 10 inches long even when half erect.It was more than 6 inches thick,with a big triangular cap on top.My penis was a cut penis,as I was a Muslim. My testicles were like two large tenis balls hanging.They were big round and heavy.I was full nude infront of madam Minu.

Minu madam was seeing for the first time any man nude other than her husband in her life.I saw madam’s eye widened in fear by looking at the size of my cock.She asked with fear ‘how can that go in me?’I replied ‘by destroying your vagina.’ “aaj ke baad teri ye bur aisi 14 saal ki bachchi ki tarha nehi rahegi,ye kisi rand ki gandi bur banjaegi.”I saw fear in madam’s eyes.