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Inside the mall,madam asked that will I like to drink anything.I said no its fine.She said dont be shy,then she paused and said in a low voice that “yesterday you destroyed all my shyness,so today how can I allow seeing you shy.”My jaws dropped by such kinds of words from madam’s mouth.We went to a clod drinks shop,and madam ordered for only one bottle of pepsi.I asked will you not have madam.She said ofcoarse,I’ll share it with you.I was dumbstruck.She took the bottle,threw the straw away and started drinking directly from her mouth,after she had drank some gulps,she gave the bottle to me.I with a pause started drinking with my mouth.Just by thought that my madam had drank by touching mouth on the bottle and I was also drinking from the same place gave me a feeling that I was smooching her and I was getting hardon.I also after some gulps,gave the bottle to madam,and she drank it with lusts in her eyes.Like this we shared the bottle.


Then we entered a shoe store as madam needed to get some sandals. As madam sat down,I found her huge busts bulging out and dangling.So I kept standing infront of her to enjoy the good view. As madam tried on a couple of pairs my eyes widened by watching her fahion of sitting.She was sitting with both her legs apart.Her pillars like fat thighs were a view to look at even from above her saree,which was thin and a clear impression of her crotch was visible to me.She was trying each sandals and as she was bending down her milky busts would bulge out.My dick hardened by looking at this fucking tease.

Then we went to a dipartmental store,where ladies and gents undergarments were being sold.My dick was pulsating as I was standing inbetween undergarments and half nude dolls with madam.Madam said to me ‘driver please choose a bra and panty for me’.My dick became tight.I asked what size,Madam said with a shy smile, 38D.I surfed through few and selected one very revealing pair.Madam said wow they are great.While giving it to madam,I caught her soft palms and said that I wanted to see them how it fitted.Madam didnt reply me anything,and shyly took the garments from my hand and went towards the trial room by sexily swaying her hips.I waited infront of the trial room with my heart beat speeding up.Withing three two four minutes,I heard madam opened the lock of the door and called me in.I went in and OH MY GOD!! Madam was only in that skimpy bra and thong like panty and her saree and entire dresses were on floor.Madam was fairer than milk and on it tight black coloured bra and panty were actually making her look like sex goddess.
The way she looked at me,made my dick fly,she was biting her lips and she was full with shyness and tried to avoid my eye contact.The room was a very small trial room,so we were standing so close to eachother that her nipples of her huge busts were almost touching my chest.I said ‘madam,you are a very hot item.’
She smiled by looking down and said am I that much beautiful,my husband always says that i am fat.I replied Oh madam you look like goddess to me,you are not fat,you are sexy,hot sexy,and such sexy figures must not be wasted with wimp like husbands,it must be put to good use,it must be manhandled by animals like me,I must use this body like a dustbin and make you dirty.Be my slave for one night and it will be a life long memory for you madam.’ As I kept on saying these i found madam was getting very aroused as her breathing was becoming heavy.

Madam inturrupted me and said ‘stop!!’………….She then said in a low shy voice by looking down “Driver,I surrender to you.Driver,please quench the thirst in my body that you have created,please..Please do whatever you want,i am your’s.” I said ‘you bitch,then why did you teas me all these days and showed all those dramas of a loyal housewife.I knew you were a easy lay.” Madam said “No,no..still today no one other than my husband has ever touched me.But from the day you had seen me in the bathroom,the way you see my body,your touches have set fire in me,and its unbearable for me now.You scroundel driver,you have destroyed my married life.”(Driver plz tum mere jism ki aggg mita do.Main tumhain mala mal kardungi mujhe)
I said ‘then madam,when do you want,and how will it be possible as Boss is around?’Madam said by looking at me sexily “for business purpose your boss is going out of India tonight for seven days.” I went closer to madam,her busts pressed against my chest and I hugged her and caught her bums tightly.Ohhh what I feeling,indeed two huge jel bags,they were softttttttttttt!!She also hugged me.Then she said that there is a small problem.I asked what.She said though boss is going out,but at night madam’s daughter would be staying at house.I said,no problem,we have to arrange outside your house.She smiled.I went out of the trial room,and after three minutes she dressed back in saree and came out.

Probably as we both were too much excited so we didnt talk to each other much.We went to the parking and I opened the door for madam and as madam was getting in the car,I slapped tight on one of her soft bums,with my big rough palms.Madam yelled in pain “Oooooo” and sat in the seat.When she looked at me,I gave a wicked smile,then madam also shyly smiled me back.I started driving and left the mall.All the while driving we didnt talk to eachother but kept on looking at each other’s eyes frequently through the rear view mirror.I dropped her at her house and went to office to take boss.

Untill night my exitment knew know limit,I couldnt believe that my long dreamt madam,my sex goddess is going to be fucked by me.I can use her as I like.She is mine.I went to chemist’s shop and took high doses of viagra.I was impatiently waiting for the night to come,in our servant’s quator.Just then boss called me up and said to bring the car and be ready to drop me in the airport.It was night 10.30pm when I was waiting with the car,and boss and madam both were ready and they both were approaching the car when I first saw madam.Ohh!!my dick started dropping precums just by looking at her sexy outfit and by the thought of getting her tonight.