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I suddenly saw that on madam’s bed madam’s cloths were lying.My dick further flickerred by the very thought that madam didnt had any dress inside bathroom and if she has to come out to sign she has to come in a provockative manner.

Just as I was thinking so madam,the most conservative housewife came out infront of her driver,servant by wrapping only a towel,which was hardly covering her busts and pussy.She was drenched,nice smell of soap was there on her body,and the towel was a short towel that was tied lower to her big busts and barely came down to her triangle.The towel had stuck to her figure due to wettness.Her big flabby milky thighs with water droplests on them was just making me crazy.My cock was no paining in my zippers.She came out,took the file from my hand and kept on signing pages.what further astonished me was that turning pages to sign,she was stealing glances at my pant.It was then I realized that my 10″ shaft was totally erect and was creating a great bulge from beneath my pant.She somehow signed the pages and gave it to me.I took them and went out.All through the while she didnt look at me.

But before I left the house,I went to the backyeard of the house and peeped at madam’s bed room what I saw fascinated me unexpectedly.I saw madam was sitting infront of her jiant mirror.She slowly opened her towel and threw it away and became totally nude,and started crying by coverring her face.I opened my zippers and started masterbrating looking at madam’s nude figure.It was awesome,just by few hand strocks I was ready to cum.But then I saw something that I couldnt believe in my eyes.Madam was crying,but as she settled down slowly,she looked at the mirror,slowly stretched her flabby thighs and started massaging her cliotris.My jaws dropped looking at that.Was she really aroused by me looking at her nude body,was she??Within minutes she started to moan..mmmmmmmmmm hhhhmmmmm ooooommmmmhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmm..I also started masterbrating at full force by it.We both were now masterbrating.I found it hard to control it so I came with a bang.I never came like this ever.I went on cumming.I was having problem standing erect.The wall of the house was wet with my cum like I had urinated there.As I setteled down slowly,madam also started shiverring.Ohh her ass cheecks and boobies were shaking like anything she was moaning a lot MmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm Hhhhaaaaaaaaaaa SSHhhhhhssssss……She also had a good orgasm.As she finished her orgasm,she looked at the mirror very shyly to herself.But just then my boss called me at my cell phone to tell me to hurry up and so the cell rang and madam looked towards the window with panic in her eyes and saw me standing.Our eyes met,I gave a naughty smile and went away to boss’s office.

For about 12 days madam didnt face me,neither did she came out of her house.But from that day onwards each day I masterbrated almost six to seven times a day thinking about madam’s nude figure.I masterbrated at public urinals,at boss’s office’s staff urinal,in the car while parked,even sometimes while driving alone,before going to sleep,while taking bath,etc.i masterbrated so many times regularly that after 12 to 13 days I was ejaculating very little or least sperms.Even after masterbrating so many times,when I used to get up from my sleep I used to find that I had ejaculated in my sleep also ,like in my teenages.

After almost about 3 to 4 weeks,still madam didnt face me and stayed inside the house.One day,when boss was about to go to his office,when he came in and sat in the car,he rememberred that he had forgotten his mobile phone in his bedroom.I thought it could be an oppertunity to meet madam after a long time,so i told boss that I will fetch the mobile for him.By saying so I rushed to boss’s bedroom.

I saw madam sitting on her couch by wearing a thin transperent nity.Just by seeing me she got shocked.She only managed to say ‘you……………………what ……….what do you want????’I said ‘you know what I want madam.’ I was expecting some anger from madam as usual,but instead I found Madam’s fair cheeks turned red and looked down in shyness.Just then kabab me haddi my boss shouted from car ‘Whats taking so long driver??’My boss is always short temperred.I replied ‘just finding it boss.’I said to madam that boss has forgotten his mobile phone.Madam got up from the couch.Oh!! madam wasnt wearing any under garments.She was wearing a transperent white nity,and I could clearly see her two footballs danngling.The nity was so thin and transperent that madam’s huge ass’s crack was clearly visible and her huge bums were jiggling fantastic.Her aerolas and nipples were poking out and were clearly visible through her white nity.By seeing my descent madam in that dress I instantly got a tight hard on.