Black beauty Sangita

She said,” don’t watch it alone again. Watch it with me.”

I smiled,” Sure”.

She caressed my cock and made it hard.

“Please fuck me now, I can’t wait anymore,” She pleaded.

I got up, made her lie down and spread her legs. Her pink juicy pussy was in full view. I sopped for a minute and said that I don’t have condoms with me.

She laughed,” there is no fun with condom. We don’t want it”.

I said,”but it can make you pregnant.”

Sangita said,”Make me pregnant. I want to become a mother of your kid.”

That confused me. I said,”What ? Have you gone mad?”…

She took my cock in her hands and caressed it. It was already raging hard and hot. She said that her husband couldn’t give her any sexual satisfaction or real pleasure. He just became father luck by chance.

I nodded,” but It could create a problem for both of us.”

She pulled me on her and positioned my cock on her wide pussy,”Don’t be a prick and waste the time talking about useless things…. FUCK ME NOW!!”

She screamed and pulled me towards her. I pushed my cock slowly in her pussy and 3″ inches of my dick went in, she screamed in pain “ahhhhhhhh saaaaammmmmmm haluuuuu.. Stop take it out!”.

I wasn’t going to do that. I had her down and my cock in her pussy, a heaven I wanted to explore… I waited for her pain to subdue and pushed hard. This time it went in and I shouted with pain ” aaaaaaa aaaaaiiiiiiii ggggg”. Tears rolled down from my eyes. The foreskin from my penis tore. It was painful now for me too. She held me tightly. We stayed in that position for 2 min and then we started to fuck.

I increased my speed. She started moaning ” aaaaaaa aaaaiiiiiiiiiggggggg , majhya raaaajjjjjjjjjaaaaaa zavvvvvv malllaaaaaaa jor joraaattttt ani soddddd tujhheee paniii mazyaaaaa puchhiitt. banav tujhya balachi aaiiiiii”.

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Her words made excited me and I increased speed… ‘thap..thap.. thap..thap…’. Sounds full of sex and lust was all around us.

She cummed. Her love juices got triggered my senses and I sensed the contraction in my balls. My swollen cock was now going to shoot anytime. I asked her ” Do you really want my cum inside you?”.

She nodded,”Yes cum inside my pussy and made me pregnant.”

I cummed and cummed. This was nothing compared to all the masturbation and sex videos. This was heavenly. I dropped every last bit of my thick cum in her pussy. We were exhausted. It was 11:30 am.  We hugged each other, caressed each other and slept on bed.

She looked at me with satisfaction,” I had never thought that I would sleep with you.”

“Even I had never thought. But we are sleeping now.”, I replied as I caressed her big boobs.

Sangita took my limp cock and caressed it, “You gave me a real pleasure of my life”, she said, caressing my balls.

I kissed her, “You gave me chance to fuck you. I love you.”….

She said she loved me too and we could do this often now, as we are now so close. We fucked everyday, every now and then, whenever we had a chance till my vacations got over. After a month she told me that she is pregnant becuase of me. She missed her periods and got a pregnancy kit to confirm it.

We kissed each other. We didn’t enjoy sex for those 18 months. 9 months for baby and 9 months for her relaxation so she can gain more power to enjoy.

After that we continued our relationship. And this is still going on. Now she is our full time maid. Her sons are 7 and 5 years old. They are in school now. When they return home from the school in the afternoon.

I make them play a video game on TV and Sangita and me play our adult game in my bedroom😉😜😋😘🤤.