Black beauty Sangita

She was a sport. She didn’t object to me using boobs and ass so casually and said,” Do you wanna see me naked?”

I nodded. I was ready to use her, bite her all over her body and fuck her pussy and more…

Sangita said,” but on one condition only.”

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“what’s that?”, I asked with a confusing look.

She gave a sexy smile,” You will keep it as a secret. You won’t tell it to anybody. Promise?”.

I nodded,” It’s a promise”.

Sangita giving a naughty smile,” Do you want me to take off my cloths or you will take off ?

I said I’ll do it and took off her saree first. She was looking at me.

Sangita didn’t stop me. I was moving my hands all over her blouse and naked stomach. She asked me if I ever kissed a girl. I said no, it was my first time.

“Do you want to kiss me”, she asked. I had my had over his buxom boobs, which was lying underneath the white blouse.

“Yes”, I said and placed my lips on hers and we kissed. I bit her lips and put my tongue inside her mouth and we kissed for 2-3 minutes.

I unbuttoned her blouse and threw it on the floor. She was wearing a red bra. I was looking at her almost naked boobs. I couldn’t control and removed it. I was amazed to see melons! She was looking at my expressions. She took off my t-shirt.

“Why don’t you touch and feel them”, she teased me, circling her fingers on the large areolas and squeezing her boobs.

I nooded and Sangita took my hands and put it on her boobs. I started rubbing them and she started to moan ” ummmmm ahhhhh”. Sangita kissed me again and I responded to her kiss. We kissed passionately for another 10 minutes. I untied her parkar (petticoat) and removed it. She was wearing a red panty. I took it off quickly. She was totally nude now. Her pussy was covered with pubic hair. She took off my shorts.

“Don’t you shave your pussy?, I asked.

Sangita ran her fingers over her bushy pussy, “I haven’t shaved them for about 5-6 months now”

I took her to bathroom and shaved her pussy. I wanted her black pussy to be clean before I fuck her. It was black but was pink inside. I washed it and we returned to bed.

She was already hot. Her pussy juices were flowing and gleaming in light. She said,” don’t waste the time now. Touch it and fuck me”

I stood in front of her. I wanted to take it slow. I said, “I wanna kiss it, love it before I put my cock in it.”

She said it was dirty. I laughed. We had just shaved and washed it 5 minutes before. I spread her leg and kissed her pussy. She didn’t stop me. She shivered like a current passed through her body. I put my tongue in her pussy and started licking. She got more excited and push my mouth on her pussy moaning ” ooooohhhhhh uuummmmm aaahhhh aaaaahhhhh aaaaaiiiiiiii gggggggg Saaaaammmmmmm majhya rajjaaaaaa aajjunnn jor joratt chat majhi puchhiiiii, khupp majjjaa yeteyyyyy”

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“ho g majhi raniiiii. Aajun khup majja yeil tula (Yes, my queen…I am going to give you more pleasures)”, I whispered as I lapped my tongue in her pink pussy. After 10 min she squirted on my face. I licked it all and drank her pussy juices.

Sangita said,” why did you drink it?”.

I said,” I wanted to taste your cum. It’s sweet and salty”

She was desperate to get fucked, “Please fuck my pussy now, it’s already wet and I want your cock inside me”.

I said, no, it’s your turn to give me pleasure. She said she hadn’t done it before, but I want not going to take no as answer. She asked me how it’s done, I showed her video and she did the same. She became pro in 5 minutes and made me cum in her mouth. I pushed my dick hard in her mouth and made her drank it all. She drank and said it really tastes sweet and salty.

We were exhausted so we slept for 10 min hugging each other.

Sangita said,” I don’t think so its your first time”

I laughed and said,” Yeah its my first time. I learnt all of it from videos I watch online.”