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The sight of the huge black hands squeezing her milk pots was quite arousing because I was sure that the fellow had never touched such big and beautiful breasts and that too of a full bodied woman. Moreover she was offering them to him with raised arms and full cooperation. He was not going to leave her easily.

His squeezes of her easily accessible breasts were now more profound, harder and the kneading was harsh. Her big chubby balls looked small in his big palms. He crushed them vigorously and pulled them outwards as if to uproot them from her chest.

Manasi’s head rolled back on his chest as she resigned to her fate. She just gasped and moaned. He molested her for a good twenty minutes till her boobs had turned red. He kept on asking her how she liked the massage and she would just nod in acknowledgement. I knew that Manasi had not got such treatment before, it was the first time and from her expression I could guess that she had come to orgasm at least twice.

In a jiffy he removed the lungi he was wearing and placed his hard cock between her nude buttocks. The contact was almost immediate because the rather too short skirt didn’t hinder the movements at all. He nudged his torso closer to her rubbing his dong on the soft flesh of her buttocks.

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They were having sex. Manasi’s face was florid with shame, humiliation, despair and she just closed her eyes as if to shut off the low caste repulsive guy but the feel of a raw man as old as her father, against her body with his pennies between her plump ass was making her hot and randy. The closeness of their bodies was making them both get terribly aroused and none of them could refrain from that primal sexual need to have intercourse.

One hand was on her breast while one sneaked down to her crotch which was easily available for him and he felt her pussy. It was the secret feminine place which he wanted to dig into with love and lust. His face lit up as the feel of her fleshy pussy promised for good things to come. And a mature guy like him could easily evaluate a woman’s sexiness from the feel of her pussy.

She winced as the strange hands passionately groped her private part. He caught one of her wrist and guided it to his manhood. Her hand jerked off once or twice but he was persistent. At last she held it. Manasi had accepted him! My heart leaped. I knew not whether it was for repulsion or a strange desire to see her get boned by this dirty low-caste dude.

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His hands went on crumbling the squashy boobs which he got for the first time. Slowly he edged her towards the kitchen table.

I saw him apply spit on his black boner and also lavishly on her cunt lips. Then he ordered “take it Meemsaab, take it. It is yours.”

My heart skipped a beat. She was actually guiding the huge pole to her cunt. “Aaaaah” he cried as he entered her inch by inch till he split her insides to hitherto unknown proportions. “Aaaaaaaaah” Manasi too added to his cries. Soon he was right inside my wife upto the hilt. Then he did a strange thing. He pulled it out and inserted into her in a hard single shove.

The force was so great and animalistic that Manasi bent forward, mouth open in awe and eyes wide, crying like a goat which had its throat cut.

“You like it Memsaab?” he hissed. Manasi could only nod. She meant yes. He withdrew fully and rammed her repeatedly as if to prime her and prepare her for cosy sexual action.Manasi had another shattering orgasm and I bet her pussy was fully wet.

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He fucked her slowly with full deep strokes enjoying her slimy warmth. “You like it?” he repeated. He held her hair pulling her head roughly backwards, nuzzling on her neck “answer me.” “Yes Ashrafulji” I heard her say. “Good Memsaab, I like a talking woman.” “Tell me what you like.” “This is the first time I’m taking a Muslim cock” she uttered shamelessly. “I’m the first?” “Yes.” She replied. He liked it. Indeed it was the first time Manasi was taking cock of another man.

He held her in a tight, intimate embrace resting her against the kitchen table and began to stroke her fervently.

Manasi held onto the edges of the table with her hands and braced as hard as she could to take the heavy masculine thrusts or her tormenting wrestler.

She just groaned and croaked like a frog as the servant defiled and degraded her.

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She was now his property, his cock had succeeded in bringing her down from a high-class Meemsaab to his level- his sex whore. Their bodies were like one, (a black against a white), only his bums moving back and forth.

He was in a trance because Manasi felt very good this way and I knew it. He was a lucky guy to get such a young, charming and voluptuous wife for fucking.

Suddenly her body quivered in another orgasm.

I could tell it from her face and I had never seen her blush so much before.

She was loving all of it. Finally he held her waist and jammed his front upon her impaling her fully with his swelling tool and when he was sure that he was all the way up inside her he ejaculated into her.

Big boobs wife stories > From Terrace to Bed – Part 2

He filled Manasi with copious amounts of raw powerful semen. I saw his body quiver and his buttocks twinge and shudder in spasms and I knew that he was fertilizing her womb.

Suddenly all was still, his work was done, he had corrupted his loving Memsaab, and both of them just stood there attached like dogs, taking deep breaths and relishing each other’s body warmth.

“Tomorrow I’ll take you to my room” he said. It was more of an order. “You have to come Memsaab.” “Ok” she replied. “I need a woman like you,” he stated, “I’ve had no sex in a year.”

“Ashrafulji, how you stayed without sex?” I heard Manasi ask him. “At least now I have you, Memsaab, we will enjoy life.

Will you give me pleasure?” he asked. I saw his pelvis move as he was stroking his cock again inside her.

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Manasi’s cooperation had given him a hard-on again. “Answer me Memsaab, will you pleasure me from now onwards?” “Ashrafulji you have already fucked me, I am like your daughter,” Manasi spoke. “I have to obey you.” “O thanks Memsaab” he grinned in joy.