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I could see my wife’s sexy and monumental ass clearly since she was kneeling. I and Kirti were also engaged in licking and kissing when I saw Jagan gently lift her and carry her on the bed. He laid her on the bed and kissed on her face and spoke,” Meri Jan Sweety, now I will give you the fuck of your life time”. He widened her legs which she also willingly did and positioned his knees to rub his tool on her clit. He was about to enter her hungry love hole when I interrupted saying” we will fuck own wives. ” Though he didn’t like he stopped and gentlemanly controlled his movement. Sweety like a good desi female didn’t say anything though she seemed to be disappointed by my action. I think Jagan’s wife was also feeling possessive about her husband as she supported d my idea.

Now we got hold of own wives and fucked them on the same bed i.e. Jagan fucked Kirti and I fucked Sweety. I have cut out the details here to accommodate other details of this experience. We had our dinner and went to sleep with own wives on separate beds. When the lights were off, I and my wife were in a deep hug lying on the bed. I asked her if she enjoyed and requested her to tell me what all she enjoyed in particular. She told me it was very nice. I could guess her disappointment from her talk of not allowing Jagan to have her. She went to sleep and so did Jagan and Kirti. However I could not sleep as I was wandering why I didn’t let them enjoy. It was like I wanted it and also at the same time had mental block of my wife not to be fucked by other man. While thinking this I was holding her tight as if Jagan will come and have her, but I found myself enjoying fantasizing Jagan’s dick inside Sweety. My cock was again erect but I didn’t disturb my lovely wife who seemed to be tired. I might have slept for only one hour when the morning arrived.

It must be around 6 AM when I woke up with big erection and started rubbing it on her bare ass by lifting her nighty. She woke up and turned towards me with her bare ass facing towards Jagan and Kirti who were sleeping at some distance. We hugged and kissed tightly as if we had met for the first time. I let her head rest on my right shoulder and put my left leg in between her legs so that her boobs could touch my chest and my erect cock was in between her thighs. I was feeling her naked ass with my left hand and kissing her furiously. Our heavy breathing suddenly woke up Jagan. He hesitantly came on our bed and lay down on the other side of Sweety.

Motivated by our act he gained in confidence and put his hand on Sweety’s bare ass. I tried to be ignorant as I thought he can do everything except fucking her. Slowly he moved further and touched his crotch on Sweety’s ass. I knew how much Sweety liked when I embrace her from behind and press my cock on her ass when we go to sleep. She must have felt the effect of a fatter cock on her ass. He increased the pressure. Now Sweety was sandwiched as she also adjusted her ass to meet his crotch. So it was quiet clear that both of them wanted to fuck to glory despite my restriction of cock cunt contact. Keeping the contact he removed his Bermuda and became totally naked. He again touched Sweety’s ass with his naked cock which might have swelled to its full length courtesy Sweety’s voluptuous ass.

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I was just softly rubbing my cock on her thighs paying more attention to our breast chest contact and kisses. My left hand happened to go in between her thighs and by chance touched Jagan’s cock. It was a great feeling to touch others man’s swelled cock as it was only my first time. As I shyly tried to withdraw my hand I could feel Jagan bringing his cock near to my hand so that I could feel it without any effort,. This was a sensational feeling especially when we both were sandwiching my wife. I could feel his hand touching my cock and moving the outer portion of it to take me to pleasure zone. I also held his cock voluntarily now as I liked its swelling and softness. He adjusted his position in such a way that his cock was on the rear portion of the partition of Sweety’s thighs. He slightly opened her thighs so that the head of his cock was just near her love hole. Suddenly he managed to get his right leg in between her legs by displacing my left leg to let his thick cock rub her cunt lips.

Sweety was excited to glory and I could make out that she had arched her back slightly and moved her ass backwards to adjust his cock head fit in the cunt lips on the entrance of her juicing hole. I could feel this with my hand. With this encouragement and cooperation from her his love hungry cock went inside her cunt giving no time to my hand to stop it. I could see the pleasure on her face as she tightly hugged me crushing her heaving breast against my chest and relieving her portion below the waist from me and further adjusting her thighs and ass to get his cock inside her cunt. I didn’t mind it this time as I was also hypnotized by the proceedings. I gave her few kisses on her lips and cheeks which totally signaled her to surrender her pricey cunt to Jagan and also Jagan to go for the fuck. (DEAR READER MY COCK HAS HARDENED WHEN I TYPED THESE LAST FEW LINES).

Jagan was now fully into his elements as he thrust his cock fully into her after few light knocks. I could see a slight pain on her face initially as it was also obvious from the words she uttered, “Suu iiiii “. The pain was probably overcomed by her already lubricated hole and the tight hug with me. Probably Jagan was slowly doing it. Jagan readjusted his position with aggressiveness by lifting / folding Sweety’s right top leg for deeper thrusts sending out loud moan “Aaaah aaah “ from Sweety. He held one of her boobs with his hand took his mouth near Sweety’s rosy cheek to kiss it. Sweety also greeted him by turning her face towards his lips and let him suck her lips.

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She too kissed him on his cheeks which he liked very much. Now the tempo was set for the actual real fuck as he got his knees in between her legs and Sweety left my hug to rest her ass on the bed for his and her convenience. Jagan showered some quick kisses on her ass cheeks and gave few licks on her demanding cunt. He went into a dominant position from this by pressing his shoulders against her thighs thus raising them a little and placing his lips on her tits and sucking them one by one letting his huge cock touch her hips. He further moved to kiss her and crush her boobs with his chest. He increased his grip on her by bringing his thighs near her ass and slightly raising and widening the gap between her legs thus bringing the cock totally on the pussy. Sucking her lips he moved his ass in such a way that he could thrust his cock in her cunt. Sweety moaned, “Suu iiiii awash “, as his fat penis straight away went inside her in the missionary position.

Now he left kissing her and started thrusting his cock in her love hole with speed. “Aaaahh ooohhhh uii “moaned Sweety as Jagan was fucking her with vigor. These sounds were getting mixed with THAP THAP THAP THAP __ _ _ _ sounds which were produced when his front portion of the thighs were slapping against her rare portion of thighs. Like this “THAP suu THAP THAP THAP uiii uuuuu THAP THAP THAP THAP oooooh aaaaah “. “Aahhh Dard ho raha hai Dheere “Sweety uttered at the same time clinging her legs to his body. Jagan replied “Darling dard me bhi maza hai thori der baad dekhna “.

I moved towards rear of Jagan and could see his firm ass moving vigorously to set the piston movement of the cock in the cunt. Movement of the muscles of his ass cheeks was visible with each thrust. I could see his balls slapping on her ass near her ass hole. I moved my eyes below his balls to view his cock inside my beloved. On seeing I could realize why she was moaning in pain as I could watch that the monster cock had stretched her cunt lips to a width to which they were never extended earlier. It was tightly fitting. I touched his cock and felt the exterior of her pussy with my hands. I felt his ass cheeks with my hands and naughtily inserted my finger in his hole which he liked. In between he took out his cock fully and insert it again, followed by thumping which sometimes shook the whole bed.

I could see juices flowing from Sweety’s hole as she uttered ahhh ahh ahh. Now he placed a pillow under her ass so that he could carry out deep thrusting. He raised her legs as erect as possible to accommodate his tool. In between he kissed her legs briefly by slowing down his movement. Now he again went down to give her a hug with his piston movement continuing. He put his arms under the area below her neck so that he could clasp her boobs against his chest. She also dug down her fingers on his back as they held each other tightly. Simultaneously they were putting their tongue in each others mouth and at the same time their asses were moving to generate full pleasure. Sweety was lifting her ass to meet each of his thrusts. She had now locked her legs on his ass as if she will never leave him. Now the room was full of breathing noises.

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Sound of moans, breathing, thap thap and creaking of the bed woke up Kirti. She came towards the bed with a surprise in her eyes. I immediately pulled her to my lap and removed her nighty and grabbed her boobs for my mouth and kissed her good morning. I told her to watch before we started fucking. Now Jagan made Sweety to get in to a doggie position with her front on the elbows and her ass raised with the help of knees. He moved her and put his cock in her waiting cunt and started humping to the delight of Kirti. He was on his knees and we could now see the widened cunt lips by the tight fitting cock with love juice oozing out on all sides. He now got on his feet in a sitting position and gave wild thrusts by putting his hands on the ass cheeks for adjusting it for entry .Sweety was again sounding ahh ahh with pleasure.

He gave variety to this position by once getting to sit on his one foot and folding his knee on the bed for the support. He interchanged later on by sitting on his other foot and folding his other knee. He now dominatingly laid her up side down on the bed with her boobs crushing on the bed and sprawled on her to touch his chest on her bare back and to press his thighs on her buttocks so as to pin her on the bed. He kissed her ear lobes at the same time tightening the grip of his knees on her knees grinding his penis in her hole for some time. He parted her thighs with the help of his knees at her knee position and created a space to give few more thrusts to the cunt which might have taken one or two orgasms by now. “Sweety, do you want to come on the top?” Jagan whispered in her ears. “Yes” Sweety replied. He got up and after planting few cases on her neck, back and ass, laid himself on the bed with his big performer pointing to the roof.

Sweety got up and brought her hole near his cock by taking her legs on his sides. She landed her on the top of the cock which by now was fully confident of the gate and the route. Now Sweety started fucking Jagan from the top by moving up and down and Jagan started thrusting from below by raising his ass a up and down. Both were ably supported by their feet to get the right balance. Now it was Sweety’s turn to spread on Jagan to crush her boobs on his wide chest and press her thighs on his thighs. She started kissing his lips and cheeks. Soon she again started the up and down motion wildly and Jagan giving thrusts with the greatest ever speed to drive Sweety to a great climax. She was saying aah aah in the thick of it and finally clung to Jagan who showered her with kisses. Now Jagan got her in the missionary position and stuck his wet fat dick in her wet cunt and gave such thrusts which could produce electricity. Now Sweety was again into world of ecstasy which was imminent from the noises she made. Jagan finally thrust the final blow to bring him to climax and giving her another orgasm. They followed it by passionate hugs and kisses.

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Now it was my turn to fuck Kirti who was fully excited. We did exactly the same way as Jagan and Sweety for the next half an hour as they watched. Jagan touched my tool in the same way as I had touched his. We came to climax together finally in the missionary position and ended it with kissing and hugging. We rested for a while. Jagan broke the silence, “YOU ARE SUPERB Sweety. YOUR HUSBAND AND MYSELF HAVE GOOD COCKS AND STAYING POWER”. We met several times after that and had sex. We haven’t met another couple so far because we have become selective.