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Without raising his head he pushed his underwear down and I saw his cock entering cunt.

I could not say a word. She took him tightly in arms and began kissing him.

He banged and banged…

“Uff darling you are so good, go deep deeper, hard, faster, yes like that….keep fucking, you are good, very good …”

That massage boy fucked, banged my wife and I watched her getting fucked with cock in my hand.

I watched and had to agree that boy was not only pumping hard he was pumping faster.

Some time passed and Mona said, “ Please order for meal for we three…he is exhausting me, order some drinks, whiskey also…”

While getting pumped she said.

It was passed 10, he was with her for about two hours.

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I was also hungry. I ordered for non-veg items with whiskey and soda.

I developed an inferiority complex.

Where as I never remained tight in her cunt for more than 15 minutes he pumped her for 25 minutes.

Both grunted together and I saw thick white fluid oozing out of cunt.

Both of them had ejaculated together and suddenly I saw her over him, resting her head on his wide chest.

He was caressing her back and hips.

“ Uff madam, you are my first woman, it was my first fuck…” Boy said and Mona replied  “ and you are my darling , I love you….”

I remain seated dumb. Boy 10-11 years younger to me not only fucked my wife in my presence he satisfied her fully.

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Call bell rang, I told both to go to bathroom.

Boy lifted her on lap, she crossed her legs around his waist, he took him to bathroom.

I wrapped towel.

Waiter came in.

He went out after putting plates on tables.

I bolted the door and knocked at the bathroom.

Both came out nude and I saw his cock.

His cock was 1.50 to 2 inch longer and also thicker than me.

Both sat together on three-seater sofa,I sat opposite to them.

I served drinks, arranged plates and we ate. All along we ate she kept fisting his cock.

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We finished the meal.

She told him to stood up and to my surprise, she gave him a nice, long blow job and let her cum fall upon her boobs.

When the boy left room, it was mid night.

I bolted door behind me and Mona charged me, “ why you did not try to stop him when he let his cock touch cunt. “

I had no answer, she was right I did not make an effort to stop him.

But he was in our room again on Saturday evening.

He stayed the whole night.

I fucked her only once but he had her three times, first straight, then in doggy pose and finally she being on top on him.

In morning when he was leaving Mona told him that she wants massage in morning


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