Hot Wife Massage

I heard him but remain seated.

“ Please get him hot water. “ Mona said.

She wanted boy to shave cunt.

I walked to the bathroom and when returned after few minutes carrying hot water in a mug.

I saw him seated between her legs and massaging one thigh keeping that on his shoulders.

Her body was shining due to oil.

He was giving twisting to thighs muscle with his both hands.

“You are really doing very nice. I am really feeling very nice and relaxed.”, Mona again appreciated him.

Boy took the mug from me, he kept it on bed .

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Then he pulled out his t-shirt.

He became top less.

Though it was not visible over t- shirt but he has a nice wide & muscular manly chest.

“Madam, your body needs more oil than sir, my clothes will get oily, dirty. Will you mind if I put off trouser.” He said and Mona nodded, “No problem.”

He got up and pulled out trouser.

Thanks, he had an under pant but bulge was prominent.

He sat on his knees again and gave same message to other thighs.

Then he pushed her thighs wide apart by pushing his knees.

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Her feet were now touching bed edge.

He drenched pubic area with hot water.

Then he applied a cream, hair remover thickly on pubic area, he pushed thighs up and applied cream area under cunt.

Keeping her thighs wide apart he raised his hips and for about 15 minutes he massaged, fondled and squeezed her soft boobs .

Some time he pushed boobs very fast and some time in slow motion.

Her moans were continuing.

“ Thanks, it was too good..” She pushed his hands away from boobs.

Still he kept pressing both nipples for couple of minutes and then moved hands away from boobs.

He took out a clean napkin from his bag and wiped pubic area and area around it.

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When he removed that napkin I saw a shining hairless cunt. I could not resist and caressed cunt.

But he pushed my hand away and massaged inside cunt and around it for about ten minutes.

Her moans were now loudest. He fingered her and simultaneously fondled clit.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard…” She screamed loudly.

I thought of fucking her but boy pushed himself back, held her boobs in two hands and dipped mouth on her cunt.

He did which I never did in five years.

He sucked, licked , chewed ins and out of cunt….he certainly was good in oral …

Mona kept on moaning and screaming .

Then I saw , he pulled his hands away from boobs.

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