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“Wow! That was one hell of a show.” Nanda exclaimed. Nanda sat down next
to me on the couch. She was stroking my hard cock slowly, teasing me.
She was kissing me hard, her lips grinding into mine. I was enjoying
having Nanda give me her full attention. Rakesh and Sarbani watched
intently. Nanda stopped kissing and moved her lips down to my hairy
chest. She slowly moved her head towards my stiff cock. She put her
mouth on it, sliding down my hard rod. Nanda had me in her control. Her
mouth engulfed almost all of my cock. I couldn’t believe she could get
that far down on me. She moved her mouth slowly up and down my cock, her
lips making little slurping sounds. She would stop her mouth before
reaching the large head of my cock. In between she was swirling her
tongue around or under the head.

I kept focus on Nanda’s mouth as it slid up and down my hard cock. I was
gripping the arm of the couch firmly. I was in ecstasy. Nanda moved her
mouth up and down faster and faster. My eyes opened wide, knowing I
wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer. I jerked as my cock
shot a load into Nanda’s mouth. Nanda kept her mouth clamped on my cock
as I shot another load. Nanda suck me dry. She took her mouth off my
cock and gave me a deep kiss. Rakesh and Nanda left about 2:00am.