Swati’s experiments

“From now on, you can keep up the ruse with everyone else in the office, but for me, you’ll be the collection of holes to be used for my pleasure.”

His cock started to feel even bigger, as if his dirty talk was turning him on as much as it was her. He pushed another inch into her throat, and she started to gag. For the first time, she disobeyed him, moving her hands from behind her back to his thighs. She wasn’t pushing him away yet, but she did feel the need to warn him that she was close.

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He got the point, and pulled all the way out of her mouth. Sliding out with his cock was a giant glob of saliva that had pooled in her cheeks. It oozed past her lips and onto her chin. She could sense it dripping even lower. Rico knelt in front of her, removing her hands from her hips and placing them at her side. He then took her blazer and pulled it over her shoulders, but only halfway down her arms, pinning them at her sides.

Next, he undid the top couple buttons of her blouse and pulled it over her shoulders as well, piling it next to the blazer and further trapping her top half. Her bra was now fully exposed to him, with as much cleavage as she had to show pushing out the top.

“Fuck, your sexy, Swati. If I weren’t getting to experience you like this right now, I’d feel bad that you’ve lived your life with such self doubt.”

Swati stayed stayed silent, taking in the whirlwind of emotions that elicited in her. Rico stood again and moved behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders and slipped a finger under each bra strap. She expected him to pull them off her shoulders, too, but instead he traced the length of the straps with each hand. As he made his way towards the cups, he dipped his hands insider her bra, cupped her tits and pulled them out. Leaving the bra in place forced her tits together and upward, with her nipples protruding obscenely away from her.

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He circled back in front of her. “What a fucking sight you are now, slut.”

He pushed his cock back into her willing mouth and fucked her face harder than before. The gags and muffled complaints only spurred him on. He gripped each side of her head and held on tight as he thrust in and out of her like a jackhammer. Every time she started to look panicked, he pulled out to allow her to breathe.

And each time he did that, more saliva spilled past her lips. Her face was becoming a mess, and so were her tits below her. Her spit and his precum pooled in her cleavage, held tight by the framing bra. After his third time pulling out, he reached into her cleavage and smeared the goopy mélange over her tits and chest. She looked down to observe her glossy breasts and felt even more aroused. It was like the oiled up models she’d seen in some online porn. She always thought it enhanced their sexiness, and she felt that way about herself right now.

“Almost there, slut,” Rico said as he entered her mouth again. “I’m going to cum in your mouth, so get ready.”

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He pumped just as hard as he had before, holding Swati in place by the sides of her head. With her arms pinned at her side, all she could do was take it, and she was impressed with her own ability to do so. His cockhead kept pressing against the back of her throat, and each thrust made her convulse a bit, but she held it together. She knew he was close, and she knew she could manage. She continued to keep her eyes wide open to gaze into his whenever he wanted it.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he said, his fingers gripping her hair even tighter. His cock swelled inside her mouth and she knew what was coming. She had never tasted cum before, and was about to drink a gallon of it.

Rico, left a few inches of his dick inside her as he started to erupt. Swati felt the first few spurts land on the back of her tongue, and she instinctively started to swallow. It was like salty kefir, not altogether intolerable. Rico continued to give her as much as he could muster, then pulled out.

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Swati was left with a few tablespoons in her mouth, but tilted her head back and drank it down. She assumed this is what he wanted, and she wanted to continue to prove her worth to him.

“Fuck, Swati, that was amazing! I’ve never done anything like that before, or been with anyone so intent on pleasing me,” Rico praised. He grabbed a dishtowel off the oven and tossed it to her. It landed on her chest then fell to the floor in front of her.

Swati started to shimmy her shirt and blazer back into place so that she could clean herself up.

“I’ve never done anything like that either, Rico,” she said as she picked the towel off the floor and mopped up the mess on her tits. “I wasn’t sure that I wanted this, and I’m still not sure now, but I know I was the aggressor and I thank you for listening to me.”

She couldn’t believe how much she moisture had accumulated on her chest. She almost needed another towel to finish up. As she tucked her breasts back into her bra, she considered the scene she must have been making there on Rico’s floor. Before buttoning her shirt, she stood and moved towards the center of the room. Rico pulled out his cell phone.

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“What are you doing?” she asked, worried that he was going to start snapping pictures.

“I’m ordering an Uber for you. You can’t stay too long. Don’t want to arouse suspicion. It will be here in five minutes.”

“Thank you,” she said. She knew enough to know that if this had been some random hookup, she probably would have been furious that he fucked her mouth but failed at getting her to cum. But given the circumstances, he was right, and she appreciated the gesture of paying for the ride. Beside, he’d at least provided her enough masturbation material to last a year or two.

She buttoned up her blouse and cinched her blazer together. As she prepared to say goodbye, Rico approached her and took her hand.

“Look, I still really like you, Swati. As a friend and as a coworker. I don’t want to break up your marriage, but I also would love to keep this going. I feel as conflicted as you probably do right now.”

He paused for a second, allowing her to respond, but she couldn’t think of the right words to say.

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“I might suggest offering yourself to your husband the way you offered yourself to me tonight. I cannot imagine that any man could find it in himself to refuse you if he were to find you on your knees with your mouth open and those beautiful eyes beckoning to him. If this were the only time we ever hooked up, but from it you found something that created a spark in your marriage, I would be happy with that.”

It was a surprisingly tender reaction, given the way he had just disheveled her. She smiled, nodded, and – before the tears started to form – opened the door and made her way to the waiting Uber.

To be continued