Swati’s experiments

“Swati, I’m sorry for whatever is going on at home. You’re the most amazing woman I know, and you deserve to be happy. I don’t know what’s going on, and I won’t pry, but please know that whatever you need, I’m here for you.”

He turned forward in his seat again, and started the car, intending to drive her to her place. Swati, though, felt a swelling in her chest that could not be ignored. He was too good of a man. He would appreciate her and be respectful. She wanted him now more than ever, and in a flash that was all too quick considering the magnitude of the decision, she blurted out to him.

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“Take me to your place.”

Rico wasn’t going to give her the chance to reconsider. He peeled out of the parking lot and headed straight for his home, with Swati stewing quietly in the backseat. He thought about how he would approach her when they stepped into his house. Would he make love to her, or would he fuck her? What did she want?

He recalled the moment that kicked this development to life: the recognition of the Erotic Sex Stories – Desibahu.com website in the reflection of her office window. He remembered reading some of the things that turned her on in her favorite stories. The role of housewife submissive to another man; on her knees, mouth stretched wide around a cock. The reference to her as a fuckpig, slut wife or whore.

Could he get away with treating her that way?

Swati, for her part, second guessed her decision the entire way, but refrained from verbalizing her doubt. She knew she had told him to take her to his place for a reason. Something deep in her subconscious was beginning to surface: the desire to be desired. To know that she was worth more to a man than the ability to grow a child inside her. To feel that she was sexy…no, to KNOW that she was sexy.

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The next thing she knew, Rico had pulled into the driveway. She got out of the car and followed him inside wordlessly. He only peeked over his shoulder once to make sure she was there, and he spotted her with her head down scurrying behind. Of course she was smart enough to hide her face, lest someone spot them and care to take notice.

Rico opened the door for her, and Swati stepped inside the house. The front door entered directly into the kitchen, and Swati moved to the far side of it to stand in the archway to the living room. She turned to face Rico as he approached her.

“Swati, I need to know exactly what you’re expecting of me.”

His lips were just a few inches from hers. She was staring at them as he spoke, and opened her mouth to reply, unsure of what she was about to say.

“I…I just want…um…”

She stuttered at first, but then it all came pouring out.

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“My husband only ever has sex with me for the purpose of procreation. I’ve thrown myself at him, but he’ll scorn me for wanting sex for pleasure. He’s filled me with so much doubt, I no longer even think of myself as a complete woman. I’m just an incubator for him, and even then we’ve only been successful once. I just want to serve you as a sexual object. I want to know that I can please you…that I can get you off…without you needing to be inspired by making a baby.”

Her large brown eyes were watering but not crying. Her stare was so sincere, so convincing, that Rico felt sorry for her. He’d never been with a woman in this emotional state before. He almost backed out, and in fact he visibly faltered and started to take a step away, but Swati grabbed his forearm.

“Please,” she whispered. “Do whatever you want to me.”

That was an offer he’d never been given, and something animalistic took over. The watering in her eyes was gone. She was ready for it, whatever it was, and she wanted him to give it to her. With the images from her stories fresh in his mind, he steadied his nerves and spoke.

“Get on your knees.”

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Swati, more than anything else, felt relieved. He was finally going to take control. If she had to persuade him every step of the way, she wouldn’t be able to convince herself that he found her attractive. She hiked up her skirt until the hemline was above the knees and knelt in front of him. The feeling of her kneecaps on the kitchen tile was cold and harsh, but she didn’t care. She looked up at him, awaiting his next command, and then, as if to encourage him, opened her mouth.

“Look at this,” he said, lowering his pants and pulling his cock out of his underwear. “You think I’m this hard because I’m turned on by your womb?”

Swati admired the rock hard flesh just inches from her face. It was veiny and twitching, with a reddish-purple head, stretching out to her in what appeared to be anger.

“Maintain eye contact and kiss up and down the underside of it,” Rico commanded.

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Swati sunk a little lower and turned her head so that the fat cock rested on her left cheek as she slid forward. Continuing to look up at him as best she could, her lips reached the base of his cock and her right cheek pressed against his thigh.

“Do it, slut,” he reinforced. The word ‘slut’ made her wet more easily than she would have imagined. This was the way the doms in her favorite stories treated their pets, and the thought of being his pet thrilled her. She was crossing over from fantasy to reality, and it was even better than she would have believed.

She pursed her lips and kissed the base of his cock, taking in the salty muskiness of his man sweat. She then proceeded to work her way to the tip, kissing and lightly lapping at his every inch. She estimated that he was only slightly above average, but that was still significantly larger than her husband.

“Now take it into your mouth,” he said, guiding her by the back of her head. She reached up to grip it and steer it past her lips, but he swatted her hands away.

“No hands. Put them behind your back.” She obeyed, feeling completely at his mercy now.

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She rocked her head forward and took the first couple inches into her mouth. He flinched and groaned his approval, urging her on. A sense of pride overcame her as she realized that she was turning him on.

“Deeper. I want you to take it all, slut.”

She pushed her head further into him, but she was having trouble getting more of him into her mouth. As the head got tighter towards the back of her mouth, it only forced him to rock backwards.

“Get lower, you inexperienced whore. Make sure your ass it touching your heels.”

Swati complied, sinking as low as she could go. Rico then really took charge, grabbing her the hair just above her forehead at its base.

“Open your mouth as much as you can, and stick out your tongue.”

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The experience started to feel more and more like an invasion, and Swati was into it. The smooth flesh rod forced itself deeper into her, filling her small mouth and leaving its taste and aroma to overwhelm her palate. It tasted like proof of what she had been seeking: raw, sexual attraction. She wanted more.

With the tip of her tongue now protruding past her lips, Rico slid into her and entered her throat. It was uncomfortable, but she could take it. She trusted that Rico would pull out when she needed air.

“I’m shocked to see this side of you, Swati. An uber professional, corporate manager on the surface, but a willing, submissive fuckpig on the inside. Is that right?”

She made eye contact with him again, feeling her eyes start to water, but nodded in agreement.