Mansi, the topless Model

“Now, remove everything and lie down on the podium… place your left hand on your left boob… be sure to not cover all of it.. “, Harish smiled.. as he moved his camera on podium.

Mansi was swift in removing her already loose bra and skimpy panty. He hairy pussy was already wet. Nipples erect.

Harish saw this.. He had a tent in his pant..

Mansi giggled as she stole a glance at his situation.

“C’mon now.. you know this is a very hot situation… “, Harish exclaimed.. ,”Maybe, I should remove some of mine too..”

Mansi didn’t reply…

Harish removed his T-shirt and Pant in no time. He was hairy and had a frenchie underwear on him. He had thick pubic hair which was clearly visible to Mansi…

“Ok.. now, get into the position.. I’ll take the snaps…”… He said holding the camera..

Mansi followed his orders and Harish took some snaps.

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“Now lie down on your stomach, raise your ass and look back at me…”, He said…

Mansi lied down. She was on her stomach now. Then she raised her ass in the air. Her wet pussy was glistening in the light.

“Ok, now stay still.. I’ll make some adjusts and then take the snaps..”, he said as he moved towards her pussy….

He then put a finger in her pussy and lubricated it for a while.. Her pussy lips were now wide open.. Afterwards he spat and caresses the bush. It was now nicely parted in between and insides of Mansi’s pussy clearly visible.

Harish zoomed in and took some snaps.

Mansi stayed idle as if nothing strange was happening to her.

Harish then got up and removed his underwear. His black cock, surrounded my thick hairs was standing erect. He placed his cock on Mansi’ wet pussy and took some snaps.

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“We need to make it more realistic these days”, He said as he entered her from behind..

Mansi nodded and closed her eyes.

Harish’s cock wasn’t too big but was fat. Mansi was enjoying it with closed eyes.

Harish was fucking her in slow rhythm and taking snaps.

After a while, he put his camera aside and started pumping her with more effort. His cock was coming and going in Mansi’ pussy with force now… Whole studio was filled with ‘fuccchhhh….fuucccchhhh’ sounds.

It sounded more erotic with Mansi’ soft moans and Harish’s grunts.

Harish fucked her for 8-10 minutes and cummed inside her pussy.. Mansi stayed still.. She was happy and content.

After cumming inside her.. Harish got up and cleaned himself. Mansi got up and went to changing room. She cleaned herself and wore her Top and jeans.

“Here you go”, Harish handed Mansi Rs. 2000.”, This is your first payment. You are a wonderful Model. Come tomorrow, I’ll ask some of the elite Model casting directors to come and see you. You’ll get famous now..”.

Mansi smiled. She didn’t speak a word, took the money and walked out of the studio.

It was almost 5pm now. Amar would be back in an hour. She took a cab back home.

More to follow in next part 🙂