Mansi, the topless Model

“I hope you are open-minded. To make big in Modelling, you need to be ambitious”, Harish smiled.

Mansi didn’t say anything.

Harish took 5-6 snaps from various positions. Mansi was doing well and had good sensual look on her face.

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“Alright, now we take this up a notch, Okay?”, Harish said as he moved towards Mansi a bit.

“We are now going to make this more sensual. Your posture, face and expression should create ripples.. Try your best”, he said.

Mansi didn’t speak. She just nodded.

Harish, sensing no objection from her, moved closer and asked her to bend a little.

Mansi was not on her hands, facing the camera… Mansi was wearing regular Top. The neck line dropped a bit when she bent, revealing her boobs to some extent.

Harish could see half of her milky white boobs on the camera. It excited him a lot.

“Bend some more”, he waved as he adjusted the lenses.

Mansi did as asked.

Harish took some snaps. He was good at it. He then asked Mansi to get into some more erotic poses. She did them without any fuss. She too was enjoying the attention now.

“Alright, I think you are already on par with regular Models, that I take snaps of on daily basis”, Harish beamed,” Can you now take it up a notch?”.

“What do you mean?”, Mansi asked, wiping her face…

“I mean, it takes guts to be a famous personality these days… on top of that, a good or best model would have to be open to demands… If you know what I mean…”, Harish scratched his stubble.

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“Sure.. go ahead.. I want to learn new things.. I’ll do it”, Mansi said…

Harish was happy with her reply.

He gave her some dresses to wear.

“Please change your clothes.”, He said.

Mansi looked at them. They were skimpy. Too thin and short ones. She didn’t mind wearing them. She had worn a similar dress while Ashraful was fucking her at their Assam house….

She went into a small changing room and changed into one of the bikinis. He was very small. The bra was too skimpy and covered only her nipples. She had big boobs.. most of it were naked…  The panty was almost a thong. Small 2 inch cloth strip in front and half of it at the back..

Back of the panty was already in between her big ass… She walked towards the podium and stood there..

“Ah.. you look gorgeous Mansi”, Harish exclaimed..

“Alright, sit on the stool. Spread your legs and hold your arms behind your head.. Also tilt your head backwards a bit.”, He said as he peeked into the camera…

Mansi did as told.

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Her legs were wide now.. He almost hairy pussy bush was clearly visible. Only the pussy lips were hidden, everything else was visible. Her boobs almost popped out of the bra when she titled backwards.

“Wait, lemme adjust that..”, Harish said.

He came up the podium and untied the bra strap from behind.

Mansi’s boobs were free now and the small bra patch slipped up, exposing her big black areolas. Harish adjusted the bra patch on her nipples by holding her boobs and once he was satisfied, he went back to his camera.

Mansi got excited by his touch.

Harish took 12-15 snaps from different angles and positions.

“Ok, you are doing a marvelous job, Mansi.. “, Harish commended..,” Now we take this forward and make it more spicy.. Alright?”,

Mansi nodded. She knew what was going to happen.