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He may be frightened by Ajay’s size. In that range of pain mom somehow managed to pick up her ticket and show it to conductor.

In that time he was busy shuffling her melons.

Me and cousin cummed seeing this hot scene…

And my mom also cummed at the instance.

We can see her pussy raining her juices. He was nearing to climax.

He suddenly grabbed moms melons tightly and thrust his cock deeply inside mom’s ass.

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He stopped at that moment mom was struggling to take breath.

He was seeding inside her butt…”Ahhhhuuuuu””Ahhhhuuuu” both of them moaned simultaneously.

But one with pleasure and other with pain. Tear is rolling down from her eyes.

They stood still for 1 min like that allowing all of his seed to go fully inside her ass.

He then parted her as to get a vision of his cock inside her ass. He then withdrew his cock from her. His cock easily dropped from moms since it loosed its stiffness .

His cock dropped out from mom’s ass with a “slurp” sound from her butt. Some of his thick white fluid came out with his cock.

He looked at me with a satisfied smile and said “Take a closer look at your mom’s ravaged ass. He then parted her cheeks to give us a detailed view of my mom’s asshole.

OMG!!!!!!… My poor mom’s asshole became as wide as a small girls mouth.

His gigantic cock molded my mom’s asshole like an open pipe.

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“Look how big I made your bitch moms asshole…what you say about my cum flowing out your whore moms gaping asshole…Look how I made your bitchy moms hairy cute little pink asshole to a much larger hole?”He asked me.

I sat silent. His white fluid was flowing out of my mom asshole and formed a streamline flow as it descends down the flow is becoming thin and itching on the floor.

There were droplets of blood mixed with cum in her ass.

Mom was became very feeble and was leaning on the standing bar besides her and breathing heavily…He then took out his mobile phone and took few snaps of moms gaping asshole…

And then he took a video for proof capturing moms sore ass and her face and his face and also he turned mobile towards me and including me on that video.

His face was indeed looking very satisfied and happy…

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He take back his cock and zipped pants and then he took her panty from her leg…”please give me my panty…pls give me my panty…you took all from me…give my panty…. show mercy “Mom pleaded for her panty.

“ufffugggg”mom moaned when he gave her a hard slap on her ass resulting his red hand prints imprinted on my mom’s milky ass cheeks I became very emotional when my mom begged him for her panty…

Tears filled my eyes when I saw my poor mom pleading for her panty to the same guy who ravaged her little butthole..

He showed some mercy towards her by perfecting her saree and adjusted her blouse..He got out of the bus in the very next stop as he accomplished his mission.

When he was going out he saw me with tear filled eyes and told me “Don’t cry …Its all destiny…Your mothers ass was made for me for this day… I enjoyed every inch of your whore moms ass… I really enjoyed your mom…”.

My only relief was that mom didn’t know about me witnessing her ‘anal’isation.

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The next stop was ours I feel it embarrassing to face her…So I and cousin firstly got out of the bus. Mom somehow got out taking some time…My Mom was unable to walk normally because of Ajays massive attack on her ass. She pretended like nothing happened and do we.

Her ass is moving up and down while walking. Since her panty was taken by Ajay the droplets of his cum still left inside my mothers ass made her back portion of saree wet.

Moms buttocks was shaking up and down in an unusual way…

Normally when she wakes her ass would make rhythamic movements. But now her rhythm was interpreted as an impact of Ajay’s brutal penetration.

My mom was unable to walk and cousin formally asked what happened and she lied that when the driver applied break her leg hit in standing bar and got hurt.

We called a auto and escorted mom to house. Cousin’s house was the other way so he left. Mom can’t even sit normally…so she sat sideways with her thighs keeping her raped ass w/o contacting with seat.

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When we reached home she rushed to bathroom. Then she came out and due to today’s pain and tiredness of mom’s first anal sex she slept. He slept keeping her ass upper without touching the bed.

She took a leave of a week…to nurse her sore ass and to give it some time to get back to its normal size. She can’t even sit on chair so she sat over a pillow…I don’t ask her why…

When the next day I log on to FB and in Ajay’s Page he post a Pic of my mom’s gaping asshole with his hot cum oozing from it and his swollen cock near it..

After the incident my mom’s booty got fatter and about two weeks she does not wear any panties. She walked there and here in school w/o panties.

Those days are really feast for schoolboys.

Later I felt disappointed about the incident…

But It’s all destiny…

My mom’s asshole may be made for him…