Hot Desi wife becomes a Prostitute

This is one of the best hot stories about my wife Kalpana, with whom I got married in 2004 and before my marriage I used to fuck prostitutes. I used to spend lots of money fucking whores of different age caste colour and creed.. I had a real liking for prostitutes and often used to bring them to my flat.

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After my marriage I used to fuck Kalpana like a whore making her do all the things which I used to get done from a whore.

I used to make her wear tight jeans and skimpy top with sexy netted bra and panty inside and then I used to make her drink scotch and even make her smoke a cigarette like all the professional prostitutes used to do and in order to please me she used to do all the wild things with me.

She first used to perform strip dance in front of me taking all off her clothes one by one in dim light and then with total nude she used to give wild sex all night.

This kept on happening for 2 years and then she became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful girl.

Now all the activities of our wild sex stopped and she became a devoted mother performing all the household activities but not that wild sex which she used to give.

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I then reverted back to my old ways and started fucking prostitutes.

I used to go to a resort in Chattarpur farms where all the rooms were available.

I used to take prostitute every alternative days .

I used to check in at 12 noon and by 6 o clock.

I used to check out after fucking the whores and then by 7 I used to come into my house and Kalpana thinking that I had worked hard for the day used to prepare drinks for me and then then serve dinner and we used to retire to our bed with our baby sleeping in between us.

This kept on happening for 3 years and when I used to demand sex from her she used to hesitate giving all kinds of excuses.

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One day Kalpana’s sister came and took our baby for few days to her house although she was married but she didn’t had a baby and Kalpana willing let our baby go to her house.

Now we were sitting idle the whole day and Kalpana was also feeling free today started giving me wicked smile.

I didn’t realize what she was up to but then after few mins she came in black saree fully dressed up with sexy makeup and her long hair loose.

She wanted to give me wild sex as she used to do it before but then seeing her response and my inking towards the prostitutes I wanted to fuck her in that resort .

I told Kalpana that we are going to a resort and she also got excited without knowing that I always use to go to that resorts with my whores.

Kalpana was looking very sexy in that black saree with deep cut cleavage her small boobs were oozing with her nipples erect in her tight blouse.

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She was wearing high heals and with her height of 5.5 and fig of 36 28 36 she had now grown up into a ripe lady with her fair complextion.

We sat down in the car and drove towards the resort as Kalpana was going there for the first time.

As we reached and honked at the gate the security guard open the door and he gave us full salute as he knew I used to tip him every time.

Kalpana was quite excited on seeing the resort with lush green surroundings and as we entered the reception to book a room.

I met my usual waiter Dilawer who used to serve us when I used to come with prostitutes.

He gave a full glance towards Kalpana without knowing that she is my wife.

He thought that I had bought a beautiful whore and then slightly he whispered in my ears that this was she was the best of all the prostitutes that I have bought till today.

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His words gave my cock a hard on on praising my own wife as a damn beautiful whore.

I thought that I would fulfill all my fantasies of fucking my wife as a whore.

I booked a nice room and then Dilawer escorted us inside the room and then as usual I asked dilawer to bring scotch cigarettes and snacks.

As dilawer left the room I closed the door and started kissing Kalpana.

She gave me a deep French kiss and we kissed for almost 10 mins with my tounge in her mouth.

Kalpana was also very hot now as she had not been fucked for ages and as she was about to take off her saree I stopped her as I knew dilawer would be coming anytime with our drinks..

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