Wife fucked by Muslim driver – Part 4

So all the while I was watching madam walking and her exposed midriff.

Ohh my god!! her bums jiggle like anything and her boobs also jumps by her each steps.

Her sex appeal and beauty are far higher than any slut or models.

I found many head turning towards madam from teenage to old ages.

I was indeed feeling very proud walking with her.

Inside the mall, madam asked that will I like to drink anything.

I said no its fine.

She said don’t be shy.

Then she paused and said in a low voice that “yesterday you destroyed all my shyness, so today how can I allow seeing you shy.”

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My jaws dropped by such kinds of words from madam’s mouth.

We went to a clod drinks shop,and madam ordered for only one bottle of pepsi.

I asked will you not have madam.

She said of course, I’ll share it with you.

I was dumbstruck.

She took the bottle threw the straw away and started drinking directly from her mouth.

After she had drank some gulps, she gave the bottle to me.

I with a pause started drinking with my mouth.

Just by thought that my madam had drank by touching mouth on the bottle and I was also drinking from the same place gave me a feeling that I was smooching her and I was getting hard on.

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I also after some gulps gave the bottle to madam,and she drank it with lusts in her eyes.

Like this we shared the bottle.

Then we entered a shoe store as madam needed to get some sandals.

As madam sat down, I found her huge bust bulging out and dangling.

So I kept standing in front of her to enjoy the good view.

As madam tried on a couple of pairs my eyes widened by watching her fashion of sitting.

She was sitting with both her legs apart.

Her pillars like fat thighs were a view to look at even from above her saree, which was thin and a clear impression of her crotch was visible to me.

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She was trying each sandals and as she was bending down her milky busts would bulge out.

My dick hardened by looking at this fucking tease.

Then we went to a departmental store, where ladies and gents undergarments were being sold.

My dick was pulsating as I was standing in between undergarments and half nude dolls with madam.

Madam said to me ‘driver please choose a bra and panty for me’.

My dick became tight.

I asked what size?

Madam said with a shy smile, 38D.

I surfed through few and selected one very revealing pair.

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