House wife fucked by driver – Part 2

I was very much ashamed and got angry on my husband but let the situation move in its own direction.

I thought if my hubby does not object why i should bother about the sin which we were going to commit.

I felt my hubby’s foot stopped moving but amar was moving his foot more and more towards the bottom-line of my nighty.

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My hubby entered his hand in my nighty and pulled my right boob out of my nighty and started fondling with that.

Without getting any resistance from me amar got encouraged and became bold enough to put his hand on my thigh.

I was started to enjoy the situation and felt that amar inserted his hand inside my nighty and gradually moving that toward my love tunnel pulling up my nighty along with it. I started moaning slowly.

Then my hubby put off his foot over mine and amar reached my pussy.

I moaned loudly and almost shouted to my hubby “for gods shake please stop him, i am loosing my control”.

Tyagi just laughed and replied “don’t try to control darling, just enjoy the night with your brother-in-law”.

Amar replied with a joy “thanks bhaiya for allowing me to play with the body of your wife”.

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Hubby replied to amar “you are most welcome, but why don’t you uncover your bhabi first”. Amar needed no further encouragement and he immediately pulled off my nighty completely.

He then jumped over me and held my naked left boob with both hands and started to push that like a truck horn.

It was paining but also i was enjoying his rough action on my left boob. Amar then kept his mouth on my right boobs and started sucking vigorously like a long starved baby.

Amar was extremely excited and i was in heaven. That was the first time in my life when i got a masculine touch of a second man on my naked boobs.

My enjoyment aggravated more and more when tyagi started fingering my pussy. Suddenly my hubby gets of the bed and put on the big central light of the room.

I felt very much shocked and ashamed at that time.

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I was lying stark naked on the bed, our driver with his lungi on was almost went mad by playing with and sucking my big boobs, my hubby was looking with a lustful eyes at me getting humiliated by a driver in his presence.

I also noticed a strong hard on of my hubby inside his lungi.

I covered my face with my both hands to get rid off viewing such obscene situation. However, i was feeling extreme pleasure at that time and my pussy became fully wet.

To be continued…