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Hello everyone. I am back with a new erotic sex story which you’ll read exclusively on This is a true incident about how I fucked my neighbor aunty. Let me describe her. She was in her mid-thirties and had a kid about 3 years old. So basically she is a milf. bagalwali aunty ke chut chudai, chut me lund aur gand ki chudai.

She moved into our apartment nearly 6 months ago and I had eyes on her since then. She had a fair complexion, long brown hair, beautiful face, nice and big eyes. She was pretty tall too (about 5 ft 7 in). And I forgot to mention her nice boobs and ass. Oh man, it gives me chills. Her titties were godly and her ass was bubbly. Almost every male in our apartment had lust on her.

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She was very friendly and modern too. She used to work in a private firm but left the job after childbirth. Her husband was a reputed government employee who worked in another town. So he was home for two days a week. Her name was Megha. It was the time when I was 18 and was in class 12. It was the time when I used to be horny almost all the time. I was not a virgin though. I will tell that incident later.

Now coming to the story. You must be thinking I am exaggerating about her beauty but it is all true. She manages to give me a hard-on every time. I even sneaked at her through our balcony and I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of her in lingerie. I jacked off thinking of her for about a month. But that wasn’t enough. I started getting closer to her. And we had a good friendship.

I frequently went to her house when my parents were in the office and I hadn’t taken my keys. I waited at her place until my parents got home and I chatted with her in the meantime.

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Once when I went to her house, she told me to look after her kid (even though he was asleep) while she went to the supermarket to bring some grocery. I agreed and I was in her house all alone (actually there was a kid too). So my curiosity built up.

After she left, I roamed around her house to see anything interesting. She had tons of things. I searched in the drawers and found a condom. Maybe her husband used it. Then I went to her bedroom. I found out some dirty laundry items. There were a few lacey bras and panties and a nighty and a few other clothes. Those smelled like heaven. I kept it and moved on.

Then to what I found was interesting. I found a dildo and a vibrator. She used to satisfy herself in the absence of her hubby. And near to it was a phone. It was somewhat like a tablet because it was big. I opened it and saw the chats. She used to sex chat with her husband. Reading the chats made me damn horny.

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As I scrolled up, I found his husband’s dick pic. It was small. I regretted that such a beautiful Indian sex wife had a husband with such a small dick. And compared to the size of the dildo, she needed something bigger than that (I mean a bigger cock). So I tried to make a plan to fuck her.

One day it happened. I was coming to the lift after the school when I saw her coming with her kid. She had her kid in one hand and goods in the other. So I offered her help.

She bent down to keep her child down (on his foot as he could walk) but he wasn’t ready to get off her that easily. Wait, I forgot to tell what she was wearing. She wore a deep V-cut salwar with dupatta.

So the kid grabbed on to the neckline of her salwar and pulled it down as she bent. Damn! Her cleavage was heavenly. Her nice plump boobs were popping out. She wore a purple bra and I could see almost half of her boobs. I was getting hard. Fortunately, I hadn’t taken the key that day. So I had to go to her house. I told her that. She said sure.

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