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We hugged tightly and kept on kissing each other licking each one’s tongue sucking lips. We were in great heat and in co-operating mood. Suddenly door bell rang we stopped our action. It was our parents they asked what are you doing I said we are watching movie. They said OK and went into bedroom and they were sleeping as they were tired off outside we again started our action. Next day onwards I used to touch her kiss her rub my dick in her ass when possibly.

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There was a new movie release about 1 month back. So my parents decided to go to movie I said I can’t come as I am having headache. As my parents went out I locked the door and came to Jigi and kissing her like a mad dog. We went to bedroom I lifted her pallu took off and started pressing her boobs what a solid ones. I took from blouse and started sucking them.

I became naked. And I made her naked her also I fell on her and we were kissing hardly. She said control I said I can’t wait. She took my dick and started giving hand job. I ejaculated in her hands. I went to her pussy and started fingering her and doing massage to her clitoris. She was feeling a lot of pleasure.

I kept my tongue and started licking them it was a great feeling it was making me mad and she too was at her peak. This continued to 10 min I took my sick and placed in her hairy indian pussy and inserted it. I slowly inserted and making small strokes of some time and later increased my phase of increasing strokes and pumping her hard she was moaning harder ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh.

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I was getting excited by her moans. I fucked her for 25 min and took my dick out and asked her for blowjob she said she can’t as I don’t know I said please foe me then I kept inside her mouth and pumping in and out. I was giving her deep thrusts and I said I am going to cum she said cum in my home I cummed she drank full. I was exhausted we took 10 min rest she kept her hand on my dick it started rising. What a magic of her hand she said look at your dick it’s raising I said it is ready for another action.

I said I want in doggy style I bent her and starting inserting it was tight she said her husband never fucked in this style. I got excited and started ramming her ass. She was shouting loudly ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ah ah ahhahhh hhhhhhhaa hhhhh shhhhh. I took my dick we went into 69 position and licking each other parts. We were excited and exhausted also so we told it’s enough and went to bathroom and took shower and enjoyed there also I applied soap to her body to her cunt to her boobs pressing them kissing them.

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We dressed and relaxing in the mean time parents came she went off to home. At night, she called me and thanked me but I said thank to you as I had a wonderful time with you. She smiled I asked her when is our next date. She said you naughty we spoke and slept.

Next day she came she was looking different to me and new to me and she handed me coffee while giving I touched her hands she was feeling shy as if we were wife and husband while going to college I kissed her and went in the evening I used to hug her if possible. This type of things continued a lot for some things in the course of time we got to understand each other and moved freely.

We used to fuck whenever we get a chance. We never missed any opportunity. I fucked her at all places in the kitchen, bedroom, and sofa.

I liked her to fuck in the chair I love the position very much. We took care much during our fuck. We never disclosed our relationship.

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I am enjoying her and she too. I used to share all things with her I used to share about all and asked her doubts she used to clarify me.

We enjoyed each other company.