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I was studying while living with our family. Being an avid desi maid sex tube watcher, I shag a lot! We had a maid named Divya. She had worked for us for such a long time that she had virtually became a family member. Actually her mother was housemaid at our residence but she started employing Divya at an early age whenever she was not available.

My mother liked Divya as she did a better job and so she persisted with her.

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We never treated her as just a maid. My parents nearly treated her as their third child. You are reading this desi maid tube sex story on desi bahu dot com. We helped her in her schooling, she celebrated all our festivals with us, and she also got new clothes along with my sister and myself. We even took her with us on a few occasions out of town.

Divya was a petite girl and was slightly on the bulkier side. She had huge tits and a very prominent ass. She was not that good looking but had overall nice features on her face. Her body had very nice contours. I especially liked her protruding lips and her long black hair. She was fond of makeup and often used my sister’s kit.

She and my sister were nearly of same age but her tits were more prominent than my sisters. At that time, I was dying to give my penis some real fun. A few months earlier I had had my first sexual experience with my maami (maternal aunt) when I was on training at Bhopal. After that I have not had any pussy. I was like a man-eater tiger that had just tasted human blood and was wanting some more.

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Sex was still very new and there was lot to explore. I used to masturbate regularly, often imagining my first time with aunt. I had manage dto watch a few porn movies and had some porn magazines tucked somewhere in my books. But I was dying to get a woman under me. I wanted that heavenly experience of inserting my cock in the pussy and fucking it real hard till I came. I wanted to feel and massage the boobs and suck them hard.

Divya used to come in the morning and used to do the floor cleaning services. First she would broom clean it and then she used to wet clean the floor. You are reading this desi maid tube sex story on desi bahu dot com. Whenever I was at home at that time, I used to look forward to Divya doing my room. As, then I could get a nice peek at her shapely huge boobs, as she would bend down to clean the floor.

On a few occasions I was lucky to have seen her panty as she sat on the floor on her toes to wet clean the floor with a washcloth as she was wearing a frock that day. Even if she wore Indian dress of shalwar kameez, I would look at her contours with lust imagining what would I do if I could have her. Most often that gave me a hard on and I masturbated in the bathroom.

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I thought she did not notice my lusty and hungry looks. But I was wrong, as I would come to know soon. During those days, sometime in February, we had to go to Coimbatore to attend a family wedding. You are reading this desi maid tube sex story on desi bahu dot com. I was doing very well academically so far and did not want to ruin my final year. So, I was not going to go.

As it was a wedding of very close relative, rest of my family decided to go leaving me alone back home. Divya was requested to cook for me while my family was gone. This was usual as whenever my mom and sister went away, Divya used to take charge of cooking. They would be gone for 5 days. I had already made plans to watch a lot of porn movies and masturbate.

The day my family left, I was in college. When I came back in the evening, I found food already cooked and some notes instructing me to take care of some errands. I went out, brought some porn and watched till late night while masturbating to the fullest of my energy. But I was still not able to get same level of satisfaction and release that a man gets after having sex.

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I was so wild and horny that I decided to do something about this. The situation has offered me an excellent chance to try something with Divya and I was emboldened by the raunchy porno. I decided to bunk my next day’s classes and take my chances.