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Her cry in high pitched voice indicated that she had reached her orgasm. He asked her whether it is safe to leave his cum inside, she said she had her periods just two days back. Another six or seven shots made him to reach his orgasm and she could feel his cum shots inside her womb. The spurts were going on for a long time. He slowly lifted her body up and lied beside her.

Shaila turned to his side and gave him a kiss of gratitude. She got up and went to the bathroom, which had all modern fittings. When she sat on the floor, his fluids and hers were flowing out. She washed her cunt, got up and dried it with the towel, and turned back. She saw him standing with his cock in full erection.

She smiled as she knew that he was ready for the next session. Next session started immediately and Amjad was glowing. He has a cock which never humbles. With so much of stamina he can fuck for the whole night. Shaila thought her relationship with him is not good. He has to be kept at a distance. Before that I should prove that I am not his sex slave any more.

If future when he brings his family here, if he comes and toubles asking for sex, what will she do. The possibility cannot be ruled out. She saw that the time was 2 am. Why not pretend and play a drama, thought Shaila. She came and told some story and wanted to go back to her home immediately. Amjad was surprised.

They had planned sex for the whole night, now she wants to go early. Of course they have had plenty of sex. Ok, if you want to go let us go. She packed all her clothes in one bag and the clothes purchased by him in another bag. Why so much in a hurry, Shaila, asked Amjad. She told him that her in laws are expected to come early morning to take me to see the new house.

When she we meet next, Shaila asked Amjad. I will call you, certainly I will call you when everything is normal. Shaila locked the door and kept the keys in her bag. They got into the car and started home. I wanted one more session Shaila, said Amjad, Shaila did not reply. They reached her home at 3 am.

Shaila hurriedly opened the door of her house, took all her baggage, and her used clothes and bid farewell to Amjad. It was a great disappointment for him. He gave a kiss on his cheeks and left. She did not know he had arranged two of his friends to come at 5 am to enjoy with the girl. All his plans went avry.